Dial In The Levers

It's the Brake Levers! 

I know you've all been reading with great interest earlier postings on How To Be Faster This year! and, if that fails, or is not successful enough, How to Improve you Excuse Making for this years cycling season. 

I'm glad you've done that. They are important. 

I'm glad you've put time into studying those posts and applying the appropriate parts to your training regime. You do have a training regime, right? Yeah, me neither, but that's not important. 

What IS important! though is that NOW, FINALLY*, I have the answer that had been missing! (And I'm going to share it, unlike OTHERS.)

Imagine 1 thing, 1 SINGLE thing you can do RIGHT now that will: 

- be 'easy' (I'm super into easy when easy is like how to sit on the couch!)

- 'boost comfort'. (Yeah, imagine comfort, on a bike! Take away the pain and think how fast you'll go!)


Wait for it…

- 'boost performance'

Reread that last point. 

'boost performance' and it's 'easy' (as in sitting on your couch easy**)! 

And, as far as I can tell you don't even need to drain your own blood in a seedy European hotel to achieve this 'easy boost in performance'. 

But, always a butt, the gentleman who holds this knowledge has been holding out on us. That's right. One of our own. A club member. Someone, that until this article appeared, we treated as one of our own held this key within his head and DID. NOT. SHARE. 

All those hours he and I have spent off the back together and he failed to share this one 'easy' way to 'boost performance'. 

i. (pause) am. (pause) so very disappointed. It's not like we were riding fast and gasping for air as the peloton pulled away from us. This could have been shared in any one of those thousands of hours off the back. 

Instead we are required to read it on some nationally syndicated major publishing house web site. How quickly they turn. 

But my bitterness is not the point. The point is that I will now be just that MUCH FASTER because of this tip that promises an 'easy way to boost comfort AND performance'. 

Are you ready for it? This is so amazing I may have to add another item to my Top 10 List of ways to go faster in 2013. But I probably won't as editing those damn blog entries is a real pain my ass. 

But I digress. 

Here, once and for all, a painless and free as in free beer  tomorrow way to 'boost both comfort and performance' making you the fastest rider every time you ride alone: 

'Dial in Your Levers'****

It's amazing for me to think about this super simple thing and then to consider that my friend at the back of the group has for years now held out on me. 

Bitter. Like a triple IPA on tap ought to be. 

Cold. Like a fine beer in a frosty mug. 

That's how I feel. 

But now. I will be more comfortable. I will be boosting my performance. 

And so too will you my friends because I choose to share. I did not hold out keeping my best tips all to myself. No, I shared as I share all. It's what I do. 

I give, and I give, and I give some more. 

I'm off now, with a tear in my eye. It pains me to post this. But at the same time I am filled with joyfulness to have been able to help you out as preparations for 2013 continue in the ramping up. 

* Yes, all caps indicate shouting. I am SHOUTING! I AM THAT EXCITED! 

** I'm making the assumption about the sitting on the couch part. 

* For the full story: http://m.bicycling.com/mountainbikecom/skills/brake-setup-101-dial-your-levers?cm_mmc=BicyclingNL-_-1196724-_-brake_setup_101 

* A shout out to one Mr. D. B. for sharing this article with his club of which I am lucky enough to be a member and with witch*** our 'friend' (not D. B., the one who wrote this and failed to share with us) choose not to. 

*** Intentional use of witch vs. which

**** They do mean brake levers, right? 

Read more of this non-sense here.