Board Meeting Minutes

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting 1/8/202


Members Present:  Brian Hirsch, Randy Moses, Alan Downie, Mike Lyner, John Sutcliffe

Guest: Doug Dye


Treasury Report: $6450.32



              -We will begin accepting renewals beginning February 1, 2020.  Forms will be available in the Bike shop on February 1.  Membership will close on April 19th.

              -Add PayPal as an option with an online form?  Will verify that USCF will accept the electronic waiver.


Jersey Report:

              -Mt Borah to continue as vendor

              - Change colors to higher visibility.  “Ferrari Red” instead of black



Board Meeting Locations:

              -Unable to meet at Chilkoot due to the restaurant schedule.

              -may continue to rotate thru Board homes

              -spoke with Mike regarding using Café for future board meetings, Mike suggested talking with Nick regarding space. Mike Lyner will talk to Nick.

              -February Board meeting to be at Brian’s home


Spring Banquet:

              -Mike is open to having the Spring Banquet, Randy will follow up to get more details – fees, food, etc. Recommend March 29th, April 5th backup date



Website:  Kelsey Depew.  She will design for between $100 to $500 depending on the extent of design.  Likely to host on Wix.  She will do a mock-up.  Mike Lyner is coordinating this with her. Site fee is $13/month. ? membership tools

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting 11/6/2019


Members Present:  Brian Hirsch, Randy Moses, Sonny McKay, Tim Parker, Alan Downie, Mike Lyner, John Sutcliffe


Treasury Report: $6365.32


Membership Report:  No Changes

              Need to stabilize the membership database

              Scan the release forms from previous years to Google drive


Jersey Report:

              If we are planning to change the design, we need to work on it soon to make it available for the spring season. Brian will contact Doug to begin planning.  Brian will also check with Greg.  We currently use Mt Borah as our vendor.


Ride Route Schedules: 

Should we re-introduce our expanded list of routes? Set up a bigger rotation list? Do we request that everyone download all of the routes to devices at the beginning of the season? Should we use RideWithGPS to set up the routes- phone compatibility, Garmin, etc.  Survey to membership regarding mileage, routes, speeds, times, ride types, etc.

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting 6/5/19

Board mtg June 2019

Members present: Mike Lyner, Alan Downie, Randy Moses, Tim Parker, Sonny McKay, Brian Hirsch 

Treasury report


Membership report.  John Sutcliffe was traveling this week, so no membership report


Set up meeting with Doug Randy Mark me

Brian to get list of new members to Randy to inventory of jerseys can be used

This year: keep current jersey design

Minors in as club members

United States Cycling has instituted a new rule called Safe Sport for Clubs.

Rule has to be followed by July 1.  Board members and anyone that contact with minors has to complete training.  CV has within the last month received a membership from a minor.  

The Board voted to change the bylaws to require new members to be adults.  Also, minors that show up to ride with the club on club rides must be accompanied by q parent or guardian on the ride.

We will add a line to waiver to state that guardian has to on the ride with minor.

There were two motions that passed unanimously:

motion: that we change the bylaws to require members to be 18 or older when join, with the exception of any current members who are a minors.

Alan seconded the motion. Passed unanimously 

Motion: for minors on a club ride, a guardian must accompany the minor through out the ride

Sonny 2nd. Passed unanimously.

Since we already have a bunch of waivers by the box, we’ll put a sign on box and modify the website to state that members must be an adult.

Our lone minor member will receive an email to warn her of the new rule that a minor has to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If the minor wants, her membership dues will be returned.


Mike explained his ridewithgps  experience

Runs on your phone

Shows all the routes

Can print maps, turn by turn, 

Audio turn by turn

Discussed merits

$250 a year for the full cclub

Alan is updating the club’s Garmin to have the “not so fast” routes loaded.

Mike has a membership to ridewithgps, so he’ll do the printing if needed

Think about this in a year

Steve Streitz gathering. Randy will talk to Steve about to meeting up at Chilkoot. Steve was a long time club and board member.


July mtg - cancelled

July meeting falls on July 3rd. 

Motion made and passed

Meeting closed

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting 5/1/19

Members Present:  Brian Hirsch, Randy Moses, Sonny McKay, Tim Parker, Alan Downie, Mike Lyner

Guests: John Sutcliffe, Del Schirmer

Motion: Appoint John Sutcliffe to the Board.

        -Motion made: Brian H., second: Tim P.

        -Vote: unanimous

Motion: Board Officers

    President:  Brian H

    V.P./Membership: John H

    Treasurer: Randy M.

    Secretary: Alan D.  

   Motion made: Brian H, Second:  Randy M.

    Vote: unanimous

Party Summary:

    -$960 for food

    - $294.70 Prizes

    -Consider Fewer, Bigger prizes

Treasurer Report:

    $6318 in checking account


    -Need to remind Race Team to renew

    -John will communicate with Nick.

Club Rides:

    -Saturday: 4 posted routes, will be one for each of the weeks.  Always the same route for the same week of the month. We will not be altering routes based on wind, weather.  Still plan on 4 pace groups.

    -Sunday Coffee Ride: No significant changes, will continue to be a conversational no-drop ride.

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting 4/3/2019

Members Present:  Brian Hirsch, Gina Oesterreich, Randy Moses, Sonny McKay, Tim Parker, Alan Downie, Mike Lyner

Spring Party:  

Food is set up with Café

Raffle Budget: $250-300

Signup at the door

-renewal, liability waiver, raffle tickets

Announcements before dinner

Mix in the raffle

Slide show cycling during dinner

Club Communications- Slack, Email

-will review at next meeting

Club Insurance

Purchased for $450 for the club

Annual Waiver – use the minimal modifications waiver from the Insurance Co.  All will need to sign the new waiver.  Guests will need to sign the waivers.  Link waiver to the ride announcements.

Club Rides

5 Saturday routes, rotating

List of Weekly rides?? – Thursday race team ride, Saturday, Sunday

Rides start April 13

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting 3/6/2019

The CVCC Board met at Mike and Nancy Lyner’s house at 7pm on Wednesday 6th March 2009.


  • Brian Hirsch
  • Del
  • Gina Oesterriech
  • Tim Parker
  • Randy Moses
  • Mike Lyner
  • Nancy Lyner (Guest Member)
  • Evan (Guest from Valley Coop)


- Alan

- Sonny Mc




Meeting started at 7:05pm


Valley Coop: (Evan)

  • The Valley Coop, downtown Stillwater, wants to be proactive about expected bike customers after the new ‘bike loop’ opens, and asked to attend our meeting for ideas
  • Ideas:
    • Secure bike parking/racks
    • Possibly share parking ‘guard’ to watch bikes
    • Soft mats to protect floor from bike shoe cleats
    • Co-sponsoring local bike events
    • Bike food/drink area just inside the doors
    • Supply food to rides leaving from and returning to Maple Island Brewery
    • More dinner options


Board Election:

  • Gina resigning Board VP role due to her move to St Paul.  Will still do 2019 memberships and train in new VP
  • Bylaws:
    • Announce nominations due to be done by 7 April (Spring Party)
    • Email to club members on nomination process.  (Mike offered to do this)
    • Referee (accepts nominations). Ben offered to fill this role.
    • Close nominations on Saturday following Spring Party


Membership Renewal:

  • Gina will send out email to members
  • $25 this year, as we’ve added club liability insurance
  • $40 late fee after 17 April


Spring Party:

  • Sunday 7 April, 6-9pm
  • Gina will find people to greet and register people
  • Door prize raffle (Ask Alan to give out, and Nick to give out prizes)
  • Hand out membership forms and club liability waiver
  • Announcements (nominations)
  • Race team involvement (Nick)
  • Food (Brian will talk Sean about food)
  • Slide Show (club pictures, announcements, typical week, 


Club Liability Insurance:

  • Need to purchase the club liability insurance that was approved for purchase at the last meeting
  • Mike to get waiver copies
  • Members to sign one annual waiver at Party
  • Have waivers available at CCC thereafter
  • Does it cover impromptu rides of one or two riders? Does the ride/event have to have been advertised? (Mike to find out)



  • Randy would like to phase out of the clothing management responsibility. Need new manager.
  • Economies of scale by joining race team and club combined
  • Mt Borah has been chosen by the race team, and will also now be used by the club


Next Meeting:

Wednesday 3 April(location t.b.d.)


Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting  2/6/2019

Opened: 7:00pm

- Brian Hirsch
- Randy Moses
- Mike Lyner
- Sonny McKay

Treasurers Report:
- $5,739.95 in bank
- $200 spent on 2019 USAC club membership

Club Insurance:
- USA Club Liability Insurance
- Coverage includes... “Cycling related club activities, including award banquets, meetings, approved fundraisers, and non-sanctioned club rides.”
- Coverage excludes... “Abuse and molestation; ISAC sanctioned events; any event, whether sanctioned or not, for which a fee is charged including but not limited to competitions, camps, clinics, tours, fun rides, practices and training rides; participant vs. participant claims; trail construction and maintenance including consulting on such activities.”
- $450 cost for our club with 101 - 250 members, only $25 less for clubs with 51 to 100 members.
- All event participants MUST sign a waiver, but only once a year. All club members (including race team) must sign a waiver as a condition of membership.  All event participants also need to sign a waiver, so the logistics of having non-club guests sign waivers will need to be worked out.
- MOTION: Club to purchase plan.  Passed unanimously

2019 Fondo Promotion:
- Does the club want to promote any ride-like event this year?
- Getting increasingly hard to get volunteers.
- We are helping our mission “to promote cycling in the St Croix Valley” through other means: donations, high school mountain bike team assistance, Bikes for Kids program, etc.
- Northstar Gran Prix pro cycling stage race is on again this year 12-16 June.  Last year we were invited to promote a Gran Fondo prior to their Sunsday event in Stillwater. We have not been invited this year yet, but would we want to if asked... although this discussion is not just about the NSGP?
-  MOTION: CV does not promote any permitted/sanctioned cycling event in 2019.  Passed unananimously.

- 9th April 2019 at Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery
- 53x11 band invited to play again
- Free for club members and a guest
- Prizes bought by club
- Food like last time, club buys a keg from Lee.

Closed: 8:05pm

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting  10/3/2018 Minutes

Members Present:  Brian H., Gina O., Randy M.,  Sonny M., Alan D., Mike L.

Guests:  Nancy McKay

Review of Club Party at Sonny and Nancy's.

The Club will provide the following:

--Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, Slaw, Buns

--Beer (IPA) if you would like something different please bring your own.


--Yard Games

Wednesday Night Happy Hour Ideas:

    -Slide shows

    -Welcome Back Bill

Club Insurance:

    -No Ride Insurance at present

    -Liability available, 2018 price is $375 per year.  Will get quote for 2019

2019 Grand Fondo:

    -NorthStar is trying to get onto the UCI Womens Calendar as well as the Men's Pro Calendar.  They will like have an late October decision.  We will remain in contact with them regarding hosting of the Grand Fondo associated with the event.

Action Items:

    - Grand Fondo

    - Insurance

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting  9/4/2018 Minutes

Members Present:  Brian H., Gina O., Randy M.,  Sonny M., Tim P.

Guests: Lee Stylos, Del Schirmer, John Sutcliffe, Nancy McKay, Tim Power

Bill Rush Crash:

What can we do for Bill and Karin now and in the future

Yard maintenance
Time with Bill when he's recovering
Funnel new ideas through Brian and Sully
Instead of asking "what can I do", say "let me do this"
Focus Bill updates on CaringBridge
Updating Club
    Use Club some updates, focusing back on CaringBridge
    Update group riders and board through email
Gina - card for Bill for club to sign
Get Bill a new jersey - no reflective on back
Ask club for suggestions

Actions items for things we can do for the club
Make accident report to USCF - Mike
Gather up all the statements - Sully
Pursue incident report with St. Croix County Sheriff - Dell
Make a Happy Hour into "Bill Night" and have EMT give instructions to club
Subcommittee for gathering "safety" ideas - Parker and Sully
Use Ride Waivers in 2019

Fall Party - Oct 5th 4pm at Sonny and Nancy McKay's house
Social hour: 4-5
Dinner at 5
Club to provide meat for bbq
Brian to send out "Save the Date"
More info coming

Free Bikes for Kids donations
Also want to support Cimmeron
Idea is to gather bikes on weekend before Fall Party
Take out the bikes that Cimerron can use.
Take the rest to FB4Ks on Oct 5

Started to talk about Gran Fondo for next year.
Tabled discussion for Oct board meeting

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting  3/7/2018 Minutes

Members Present:  Brian H., Gina O., Randy M., Alan D., Sonny M., Tim P.

Guests: Calvin Jones (Stillwater MTB Team)

Treasurer’s report: $5951.65

Membership:  Renewal Notice has been sent out. Fees have started to come into Gina by both mail and the Chilkoot Café Box. Reminder to check the website to confirm fees received and any updates.

Lake Elmo- Reed Park:  The Stillwater MTB team has been asked to Adopt-A-Park.  The city is asking for monthly trail maintenance during the riding season- Spring, Summer, Fall. This is a new system that the city is trying to adopt.  The MTB team is trying to overcome opposition to single track trails being put into the parks.  More information to follow from LE City Administrator.

Grand Fondo:  Mike Lyner to head the committee.  He will also arrange the permits again.  Brian to head up the publicity campaign.  Date: June 17, 2018 – same date as the Stillwater Criterium.  This will be coordinated with the North Star Racing Series.  Brad Hallett will do routes: 20, 40, 60 miles.  Gravel will be on the 60 mile route only.  North Star proposed letting us finish on Chilkoot Hill but we feel this might not be workable with the setup of the race and the race itself.  Recommendation is to Start/Finish at the Stillwater Junior High parking lot. Financials will remain with the club.  We will comarket with North Star.  The Stillwater MTB team has agree to volunteer for this event.  Specifics to be determined.  Ideally would like one map with both the race route/parking and the Grand Fondo parking to be arranged. More details coming.

Spring Banquet 2018- April 8th

Food- Brian will arrange with Kelly

Door Prizes- Alan will discuss with Doug.$150 for “better” prizes. $100 to Chilkoot for small items.  

Club will provide 2 Kegs (value) to CC. Randy will spearhead the beer choices.

Band- 53-11 will perform again.

President’s speech –“Make Chilkoot Velo Great Again” or some other topic.

Coffee Ride Committee--??

Website: Needs updating.  Gina will take charge of the effort to update.

Should we hire an outside firm or see how we do with volunteers?

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting February 7, 2018


Members Present:  Brian Hirsch, Gina Oesterich, Randy Moses, Alan Downie, Mike Lyner, Sonny McKay

Members Absent:  Tim Parker

Guests:  John “Sully” Sutcliff


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance $5951.65

Grand Fondo 2018:

-          No Feedback yet from Brendan at NorthStar other than memo

-          Exploring parking at Stillwater Jr High

-          Register at Chilkoot Café?

-          Board feels if terms remain favorable for the event then we approve the change

-          We feel it will be important to start promoting the event ASAP if it is moving to June with the NorthStar series

-          Date is “Father’s Day” 2018

Photo’s from the Check ceremonies to Tara for promotion use. Katie Brekke to help facilitate the promotion.

Reed Park “Adoption” request- Brian Hirsch will work with Calvin to gather more information.

Roadside Cleanup- A motion was made to stop the roadside cleanup in favor of some other community events e.g. Reed Park adoption.  Passed on a 5-1 vote, Gina desenting.

Membership email will be sent out shortly with deadline of April 8th – Spring club banquet.

Race Team will add a channel to the Club Slack account as well as to the Google Calendar.  These continue to be opt-in channels and calendars

Motion to continue to support the Family Means Fundraiser at Chilkoot Café- unanimous vote.  An email announcement will be sent to the membership and be placed on the CV Calendar.

There will be a “Race Team” link added to the CV webpage.

Scandia wants to promote cycling into the area.  We will facilitate this with emails to the membership with descriptions.

Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting  1/3/17

Members in attendance:  Brian Hirsch, Gina Oestereich, Alan Downie, Tim Parker, Randy Moses  Absent: Sonny McKay

Guests:  Brian Stankiewicz, Justin Rumley


Treasure report

-$5826.65 and Race team has $530 of the money in the account.


Membership report

-one email received but Gina no gets these.


Gran Fondo date update

Justin Rumley (MCF Officer)- link the Grand Fondo to the North Star Grand Prix?? An additional event or separate event?  Easy for volunteering?  Is it our fundraiser or is it the North Star’s fundraiser?  We already have the Saturday August 11, 2018 date on the MCF calendar.

Recommend 1) Talk to Katie. 2) Pursue more information with North Star


Additions to calendar 

Spring banquet – April 8, 2018

Roadside cleanup – April 22, 2018 (Earth Day)

Fall BBQ – discuss with Sonny

Free Bikes4Kids- Donation day as well as a volunteer for fixing.  Also consider donations of bikes to Family Means.  We need to establish a date for both.


Board Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 6, 2017, 6:21 PM by Alan Downie   [ updated Dec 6, 2017, 6:28 PM ]

See Word Files below

12/6/17  Opened @ 7:04pm


Attendees — Brian H, Sonny McKay, Tim Parker, Randy Moses, Brian S, Mike Lyner, Gina O, Alan Downie


Sunday Rides (tabled from last month) — Proposal to form a subcommittee to meet separately from the Board.  Initial subcommittee member volunteers: Sonny , Randy Moses, Tim Parker, Brian S


Treasurers Report — $5,571.65, after $500 each to SAHS & Hudson MTB Teams, and $200 to FamilyMeans from the Gran Fondo.


Membership — New member, approx 103 current members


Club Website — Board Meeting Minutes, difficulties uploading to website.  Will meet following Board meeting for Gina to demo on how it’s done.


Gran Fondo — Aiming for Sat 11 August 2018, assuming MCF will permit us to hold it the same day as the State TT (if held on the same weekend as last year).


Ride Calendar — Slack discussions for specific to be finalized with a calendar posting.  Typical ride days, times, and meeting locations to be posted... with changes to be made date specifically.


Closed at 7:44pm

Board mtg July 5 2017

posted Jul 7, 2017, 2:52 PM by Brian Hirsch   [ updated Jul 7, 2017, 2:57 PM ]

Chilkoot Cafe, 7pm

Board Attendees: Randy Moses, Brian Hirsch, Tim Parker, Mike Lyner, Sonny McKay, Alan Downie

Member Attendees: John Sutcliffe, Steve Streitz

Jersey Order

the long awaited jersey order shipped this week.  Will be arriving soon.

Update about the Grand Fondo by Mike:

DNA will not give us permission to use the browns creek trail for the event. We can use Gateway trail. 

All courses set. Permits being applied for. Using Chilkoot Cafe for food. 

Preregistration is up, but no one used it yet. Participants can park in ramp by library, as long as they are in the ramp by 1 pm. 

Board Positions

The board then decided on the Board Positions. This was done through discussion and volunteering

President: Brian

Vp: Gina 

Treasurer: Randy

Secretary: Alan

Board Members at Large: Tim, Mike, Sonny

Mike will also serve as the Chilkoot Racing Team representative, as he's on the team.

And will continue to be the Stillwater Area Mtb Team club rep

Bylaws discussion

Brian brought the changes he's made recently to the board, plus had emailed a copy to all board members.

Members will look through the changes before the next meeting and we will vote to radify the changes.

Garmins to help the Saturday ride groups

Alan brought up the suggestion to buy one or two simple mapping Garmins to help the club's Saturday rides where no one in a particular ride group has a garmin or knows the route.

Alan is already talking to Chilkoot Cyclery on gettin a good price on a Garmin or two.  

Motion was made and seconded to create a pilot mapping device program for cv rides, at no cost to the club.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was then made to spend up to $200 to purchase a Garmin or two for the program. These Garmins would be sold or used as door prizes if the program doesn't work out.

The Garmin(s) will be club maintained and club controlled.

Liability Insurance

After a short discussion about board member and ride coordinators/leaders liability insurance, Mike to find out what USA Cycling covers for our rides.

Meeting adjourned

May 2017 Meeting Minutes

posted May 3, 2017, 6:29 PM by Gina Oesterreich

Board Members present:
Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich
Katie Brekke
Randy Moses
Tim Parker
Steve Streitz

Club members present:
Alan Downie
Nancy Lyner
Bill Rush

Treasury report: Randy
$5392.00 in the bank 

Jerseys: Randy
Complications with the vendor. Going with new vendor. Jerseys should arrive end of May. Sugoi providing partial refunds as good will gesture.

Fund raising event: Katie, Mike
Discussion regarding purpose for funds.
Motion: Katie – Gran Fondo 2017 be promoted as a fundraiser to promote youth cycling in the St Croix Valley. Proceeds will go to recipients as determined by the board after the event. Brian seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Katie gave an update on the status of plans for the event.
Katie will send a summary (Save the Date) to the club via email.

ALS Bike Ride: Gina
The ride is May 20th. We will replace the Saturday 9 a.m. ride with the ALS ride, starting from Chilkoot Café at 9. Randy will send the email to the club.

Election: Randy
Katie and Steve are withdrawing from the board. We appreciate their service. Dennis withdrew from his nomination. There will be an election. Survey Monkey will be used. Candidate surveys are posted on the website. Randy announced his intention to resign as president with the caveat that he is willing to stay in the position for at least through the transition or longer. Brian will try to find the club bylaws.

PayPal for membership dues: Brian
No. Will stay with current system for next year.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

posted May 3, 2017, 7:04 AM by Gina Oesterreich

Board Members present:

Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich
Katie Brekke
Randy Moses
Tim Parker

Club members present:

Christian Brekke
Nancy Lyner
Justin Rumley
Bill Rush
John Sutcliffe
Calvin Jones

Tuesday ride update: Nancy, Gina

Nancy and Gina gave an update on the Tuesday night ride leaders meeting. The ride will start June 6th and continue through the summer.

Election: Brian

Discussion was had regarding whether there should be an election for board positions. Brian is not available to run the nomination/election process. Randy will present the election process at the spring banquet and request nominations. John Sutcliffe will take the nominations, and send emails.

Brian motioned to make to have an election (if needed), John Sutcliffe to be the election judge, John to send out the emails requesting nominations. Vote passed, 5 yes to one no.

Fund raising event: Katie, Mike

Mike has tentative reservation for Pioneer Park for August 13th.

Katie proposes to put together a committee, and volunteers to be on the committee.

Gina motion: Fund raiser date of August 13 at Pioneer Park, and that we form a committee to organize the event, with Katie to head up committee. Brian seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Randy, Nancy, Gina, Calvin and Mike volunteered to be on the committee. Randy will present the plan at the annual party and request volunteers from general club members.

Spring Banquet update– Randy

Randy is ready to go. Band will play 5-6 songs. Door prizes will start at 6 and continue through the evening.

Website – Mike, Gina

Mike presented on meeting for new website. We are looking at using SquareSpace for the website. John mentioned Webley. Mike and Gina to do prototype using Square Space. In the meantime, Mike will update the website to update calendar and Saturday fitness ride.

Roadside cleanup – Bill Rush

Date for roadside cleanup is set as April 23rd. Need volunteers. Bill will solicit volunteers.

Agenda item for next meeting: discuss PayPal for membership dues.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20

March 2017 meeting minutes

posted Mar 1, 2017, 6:27 PM by Gina Oesterreich

Board Members present:
Steve Streitz
Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich
Katie Brekke

Club members present:
Christian Brekke

Spring Banquet
– Brian
Door prizes – shall we return to door prizes? Swag plus additional prizes, Brian motioned that we spend up to $500 on prize(s).
Katie requested that we mention donations to Mark and Calvin.
Program – provide info on club mission, board, vision, history, numbers, call for nominations to the board.

Website – Mike, Brian
The current website is limited. SquareSpace is an inexpensive option. Discussion of website vs. public Facebook page. Gina will forward example Facebook page to board members. Gina and Mike will investigate options.

Fund raising event:
Mike proposed Gran Fondo type ride with strava segments, with prizes for segments. Late August – early September. Start and end at Pioneer Park. Need to set a date. Mid-September. Mile will coordinate with SAHS Mnt team and will come to next meeting with proposed date.

Use of email list for Cimarron fund raiser: Mike
Brian Motion: Let Mike use email list to send invitation for Cimarron bike fundraiser, Steve seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20

Board Meeting Feb 7, 2017

posted Feb 28, 2017, 2:45 PM by Gina Oesterreich

Board Members present:
Randy Moses
Steve Streitz
Tim Parker
Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich

Club members present:
Nancy Lyner
John Sutcliffe
Lee Stylos
Lev Kalemkiarian
Nick Hardt
Alan Downie

Spring Banquet: Randy
Date set for April 9. Brian will send out save the date to club. Randy will talk about board and board positions at banquet.

Race team relationship future: Randy/Nick

Randy motion to continue the affiliation with the racing team as it has been with the further definition that Club Velo will pay for USAC license and race team members will pay Chilkoot Velo club dues. Motion passed, with 1 abstain. Club and race team will look to keep jerseys complimentary.

Saturday ride:
Race team will ride according to parameters of Saturday ride. Club will promote C ride on Saturday, but no special (shorter) route will be provided for the C ride. Ride coordinators will plan rides for less than 50 miles, with special exceptions for longer rides.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45

Board meeting Jan 4, 2017

posted Jan 24, 2017, 6:26 PM by Gina Oesterreich   [ updated Jan 24, 2017, 6:28 PM ]

Board Members present:
Randy Moses
Steve Streitz
Tim Parker
Katie Brekke
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich

Club members present:
Calvin Jones
Christian Brekke
Mark Trumper

Pedal Power: Mark Trumper

Mark presented a slide show on Pedal Power, the bike program he runs for kids at Pillsbury elementary.

SAHS Mountain Bike Team: Calvin Jones
Calvin updated us on the SAHS mountain bike team and the work being done on the new local mountain bike trail.

Presentation of checks: Randy
Randy presented Mark with a check for $300 for Pedal Power in appreciation for the good work he is doing promoting biking for kids. Randy presented Calvin ( and hank in absentia) a check for $300 for the SAHS mountain bike team in appreciation for their work promoting mountain biking at the high school.

Race team relationship: Mike

Nick Hardt, of the Chilkoot Race team, will attend the February board meeting. The purpose is to get input from Nick regarding the relationship between the two clubs in order for us to decide what is best for the club moving forward. To accommodate Nick’s schedule, the February meeting will be held Tuesday, Feb 7.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30

December meeting minutes

posted Jan 2, 2017, 12:20 PM by Gina Oesterreich

Board Members present:
Randy Moses
Brian Hirsch
Tim Parker
Steve Streitz
Katie Brekke
Christian Brekke
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich

Club members present:
Nancy Lyner
Bill Rush

Award to Mark T and Calvin J/Hank G: Randy
Previous meeting, award to Calvin/Hank and Mark for their contributions to the Stillwater Mountain Bike Team and Pedal Power (in school bike ride for Pillsbury elementary school kids) respectfully. A motion was made (Brian) to give $300 each to Stillwater mountain bike team and Pedal Power in Calvin/Hank and Mark’s names respectfully. Tim seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Randy will write a check, we will invite them to next board meeting if possible. Randy will put email to the club.

USA Cycling Chilkoot racing: Mike
Discussion regarding the association between the racing team and the club. Randy will invite Nick to February board meeting (rescheduling from Wednesday to accommodate his schedule). Board will prepare for that meeting at January board meeting.

Fund raising event: Mike/Katie
Discussion regarding possible fundraiser community bike event. No decisions made.Discussion to continue in January.

Membership: Brian
Membership renewal cut off is March 31. $20 renewal. After March 31, $30. Motion by Brian, seconded Gina, passed unanimously. Brian will send email to club.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30

November 2016 meeting minutes

posted Dec 7, 2016, 4:25 PM by Gina Oesterreich   [ updated Dec 7, 2016, 4:32 PM ]

Board Members present:

Randy Moses
Brian Hirsch
Tim Parker
Steve Streitz
Katie Brekke
Christian Brekke
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich
Club members present:
Nancy Lyner
Calvin Jones

Bank balance: $6,695.96

Jerseys: Dozen jerseys in hand

SAHS Mountain bike team: Calvin
Thanks for the support from CV. MBT won state championship High school and middle school. MBT will be honored at Stillwater school board meeting.

Winter board meetings: Randy
Should we meet every other month in the winter? Consensus to continue to meet monthly.

USAC racing membership: Randy
$200 /year. Should we continue to pay for this membership? Mike will find out USAC will cover (insurance) type of event suggested as fundraiser and will discuss with race team their plan for membership. Will continue this topic next meeting.

Fundraiser ride: Katie
Suggest a ride followed by a meal as a fundraiser, next year. Randy will ask Lee if he is interested in participating.

Free bikes for kids: Brian
Looking to set a date. In the works and will announce to the club soon.

Safety talk: Mike
Mike has created expanded version of safety talk. We will post it to the website. Randy suggested ride coordinators/ride leaders calling people out when they are not riding safely/following the safety talk. Mike attended county meeting to discuss cycling safety.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30

Board Meeting 03Aug16

posted Sep 19, 2016, 6:02 PM by

Board Members Present:

Club Members:

Bank Account Balance $6487.11

Saturday Morning Ride
    7:30 or 9am or both?
    What should the ride speed be?  How should we communicate and enforce this?
    How can we better define the rides?
    Should there be Ride Leaders for each ride? yes, but we need volunteers to commit
    What should the speed ranges be?
    Needs further discussion

Coffee Ride
    Avg speed 12mph?
    Coffee ride should be an attitude, not a speed range
    Others think that an average speed would assist with ride definition
    Should we say that it will be the pace of the slowest rider?
    Needs more discussion

Mission of the Club is to promote cycling in the St Croix Valley
    How do our rides fit in with this mission?

Meeting Adjourned 8:04pm

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