April 2017 Meeting Minutes

posted May 3, 2017, 7:04 AM by Gina Oesterreich

Board Members present:

Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich
Katie Brekke
Randy Moses
Tim Parker

Club members present:

Christian Brekke
Nancy Lyner
Justin Rumley
Bill Rush
John Sutcliffe
Calvin Jones

Tuesday ride update: Nancy, Gina

Nancy and Gina gave an update on the Tuesday night ride leaders meeting. The ride will start June 6th and continue through the summer.

Election: Brian

Discussion was had regarding whether there should be an election for board positions. Brian is not available to run the nomination/election process. Randy will present the election process at the spring banquet and request nominations. John Sutcliffe will take the nominations, and send emails.

Brian motioned to make to have an election (if needed), John Sutcliffe to be the election judge, John to send out the emails requesting nominations. Vote passed, 5 yes to one no.

Fund raising event: Katie, Mike

Mike has tentative reservation for Pioneer Park for August 13th.

Katie proposes to put together a committee, and volunteers to be on the committee.

Gina motion: Fund raiser date of August 13 at Pioneer Park, and that we form a committee to organize the event, with Katie to head up committee. Brian seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Randy, Nancy, Gina, Calvin and Mike volunteered to be on the committee. Randy will present the plan at the annual party and request volunteers from general club members.

Spring Banquet update– Randy

Randy is ready to go. Band will play 5-6 songs. Door prizes will start at 6 and continue through the evening.

Website – Mike, Gina

Mike presented on meeting for new website. We are looking at using SquareSpace for the website. John mentioned Webley. Mike and Gina to do prototype using Square Space. In the meantime, Mike will update the website to update calendar and Saturday fitness ride.

Roadside cleanup – Bill Rush

Date for roadside cleanup is set as April 23rd. Need volunteers. Bill will solicit volunteers.

Agenda item for next meeting: discuss PayPal for membership dues.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20