April Board Meeting, 03-April-2013

posted Jul 9, 2013, 6:39 PM by cbrekke@chilkootvelo.com
Board Members Present:
Katie Brekke
Randy Moses
Mike Lyner
Justin Rumley
Brian Hirsch

Club Members Present:
Christian Brekke
John Sutclift
Calvin Jones


Gravel Grinder
    -Should it be a club ride or non-club ride?
    -Decision to do ride with no trophy, and support Ted and Cafe du Nor

Wrench & Munch
    -Should be a club only event
    -Focus on members helping members
    -John & Bria will be Calvin's assistants

ALS Ride
    -Club will match Dori's donation
    -No need for club to support last rest stop
    -Calvin will support ride
    -Randy to send out email about additional ALS donations

Road Clean-Up: May 12th
    -Free lunch will be provided for all participants

Cyclocross Race
   -Nov 9th is current date
   -Wait for MCF decision before accepting (or not) the date
   -Mike is working on GPX completion
   -Plan to have a 6 x 6' map for mounting on glass door
   -Maps should be available for members and non-members

Ironman Ride
   -Should there be a group meeting before the ride?

Misc Items from Brian
   -Need to do file clean-up for 2012 data
   -Brian to get PayPal access via Tim
   -Google analytics will be set-up by John