April Board Meeting, 4/2/14

posted Apr 10, 2014, 10:24 AM by cbrekke@chilkootvelo.com

Chilkoot Board Meeting, 4/2

Board Members

Katie Brekke

Randy Moses

Justin Rumley

Calvin Jones

Tim Parker

Mike Lyner

Brian Hirsch

Club Members

Christian Brekke

Dore Antonello


$250 Donation to the Club from Dore

Mike - Chilkoot Racing Team

                Have own jersey, led by Pastor Nick

                No guidelines (yet) for who should join

                Suggestion to feed younger racers

 Randy – Clothing Order

                Approx $5,500 in total clothing ordered

                For club, ordered $1400 in clothing (6 women’s jerseys, 12 mens jerseys in various sizes)

                Good feedback on online ordering process

                Tenative clothing arrival May 20th

Randy – Membership Drive

                Most people sign-up online

                Plan to be available at Café over weekend for membership April 12-13th

                Randy & Dore will be available for discussion on club development opportunities

Plan to follow-up with meeting for focused discussion

                Dore/Brian to send out survey to club for feedback

Randy - Wrench n Munch

                May 10th, 1-3pm at Chilkoot Café

                Calvin to assist

Calvin - Stillwater Mtn Bike Team update

                Girl Captains (Christine & Cora) to participate in Ironman ride

Tim - River Valley Co-op

                Spring Newsletter included info regarding new Hiking and Biking group

                Potential to attend meeting and offer info on Chilkoot club

Randy - Spring email to club as reminder that ride times are to stay consistent (9am Sat, 10am Sun)

Justin - ALS Ride Update

                Justin working to bring more people on-board

                Request club help for set-up and take-down

                Eric Okerman to provide music, band at the end, BBQ planned

Randy – Request for website update with current event/news

                Mike suggested better job of advertising/marketing of Jackson Meadow cyclocross race

Ted & Brian to give Jackson Meadow check from cyclocross race


Meeting Adjourned 8:02pm