Board Meeting 01Jun16

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Bank balance after $500 to Cimmaron and money for lunch is $7100.  Still have 8 or so Jerseys.  

Randy in contact with Sugoi rep in BC.  Tweaking final design.  Can make male and female designs as long as they are mostly similar.  Charged per design.  Randy will publish final design to club shortly.  

New design is mostly black.  No sponsors other than Chilkoot Cyclery.

Lead time is 4 weeks from order.

There will be on online store to place personal orders.

Randy has fit kit for Jerseys.

Randy will notify club in a week, or so.  Could have Jerseys Aug 1.


Rider Safety.  On Monday there was a ride from club with 50% BRF.  There was a near miss.  Concern is that riders were not single file.  Some 2 or 3 wide, combined with indecision.  Tim concerned with safety and liability.

Bill R Suggested a short safety guideline announcement by the ride leaders, and a monthly safety topic.  

Bill and Mike to discuss this with the ride leaders.

Need to identify punch list of required announcements.

Mike:  Pushing to get more volunteers at North Star bike race.  

adjourned at 8:30pm