Board Meeting 02Dec15

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Club Members Present:

Ton McCarty

Christian Brekke

Bill Rush


Nancy Lyner


Stillwater City - Bike Trails updates (Tom McCarty, City Administrator)

Previous night the city meeting included discussion of trails master plan (draft posted on city website)

Proposal to put together advisor group committee for city trails - proposal was denied

Council is open to input on the trails from citizens

Agenda for future city council meetings will include an update on trails

Downtown trail loop will be turned over to city

There is some outreach to other communities to coordinate trails and crossings

Plan to re-do Myrtle St to Manning Trail 

Plan to re-do Cty 5 - currently discussing sidewalks and bike lanes

Discussion on how to make all streets bike friendly (not just sidewalks)

Input from community on how to make Stillwater more biker friendly is welcome

Some streets in Stillwater are considered ‘state owned’ streets and haven’t had work done on them in years - there is budget in 2016 for some maintenance to begin

There are many entities/groups working to promote Stillwater - they have the same goal, but don’t have a coordinated effort - there should be consistent efforts

What can Chilkoot do to assist?  Tom will let us know if the club can assist with any projects

Bike Trail / Bridge Update:

Once the bridge closes to traffic the DOT plans to spend 1yr on mechanical updates 

Then, open to pedestrians

City also owns land in WI north and south of the bridge, currently discussing what to do withe the land

Discussion on how to plan for trail support - parking, bike racks, rest areas, etc.

City has just approved strategic plan

Discussion on if we should have a more formal conduit to the city council - currently, it is the Parks Department Board

Rick would like ‘Friends of Stillwater Trails’ with rep from Chilkoot in order to provide a unified voice to work with the city and provide road biking input

To discuss at next meeting - how can Chilkoot assist?  Rick and Randy will stay in contact

Tom offered to provide updates on city council, bike-related activities

Slack - Brian & Tom

Slack is a collaborative tool for teams, share docs, pics, info, chat, ect.

Slack has 2 elements:  forum & personal chatting

Can subscribe to different categories

Free version is available

Can we use this tool for the club?

A small group of Chilkoot veto members is using 

Currently, the club is using email group list to communicate

Proposal to try with entire club for 1yr but doesn’t change existing chat

Consensus to send invite to club 

Sully will look at linking chat with slack

Decision to formalize slack channels before sending invite email to the club

Motion to send email to club introducing Slack, voluntary to join = vote passed

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm