Board Meeting 02Mar16

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Board Members Present:






Club Members Present:



Cyclocross Race:  Won’t need to submit $60 for MCF Annual Dues for clubs that put on races 

Mike to notify club 

Calvin:  Working with City to move forward with single track in Valley View

Team to purchase trailer

Club to keep the shed, add hooks

April 3rd: Lee has approved date for Club Event on Sunday, 6pm

Preference to have a shorter program / announcements

Preference to have music while mingling

Brian would like to play with audience

Welcome and announcement about Member Dues

Add short announcement about Hwy Cleanup

Mike suggested volunteer sign-up strategy for North Star Stillwater Race, if people want to volunteer, should do it under Chilkoot club 

Randy would prefer that we not get involved with the race, since race is slowly going down in quality (ok to volunteer and commit, but not increase involvement)

Plan to do what we did in previous years

Clothing Order:  Sugoi

Doug is unable to get a fit kit here

Endurance club would like to go to Sugoi as well, but have been unable to get in a fit kit

Randy would like to wait and evaluate quality

This would assist in sizing issues with minimum order quantity, so it is worth waiting for kits to arrive since we are in no rush

Women have decided to wait to see how Sugoi jerseys fit

Podiumwear sent re-designed Silver jersey and women are still not convinced

Women are completely out of jerseys (two women have joined recently and don’t have jerseys)

Randy recently sent Greg email asking about progress on jersey re-design

Slack Update

Gina is unhappy with Slack, 

Turned on push-notifications and is constantly getting emails

Thinks it is great for slack but bad for ride-planning since it is an instant message tool with no header

Ride details were also communicated via Chat

Purpose was to get rid of chatter - chatter has moved along with race details

Is there a way to keep email chat slim and still solve chatter issue

Suggestion to end gentle reminder to chat with proper protocol for chat and ensure ride details are still on chat - Gina to come up with some verbiage

Good things about Slack to target specific group 

Perhaps we should suggest that when you start a new group on Slack to send a message to chat?

Instead of Jackson Meadow race, should we have a fundraiser? Yes

Official Club Ride Start

Proposal for 10am start through April, May 9AM start

Bike Rodeo:  Calvin

At the new fire station, will be bike event for kids to learn skills, have fun

SAHS Mtn Bike Team

        Mid April:  one night class taught by HS MTB team mechanics.  Adult Education class, bike maintenance.  Derailleur repair/adjustment, flat tire replacement.  

Brian to send save the date for party

    Cutoff date for registration drive is date of party

Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM