Board Meeting 03Feb16

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Club Members Present:

Bill Rush


Nancy Lyner

Kevin O



Clothing Sub-Commitee

Segoe fit kit will not occur on the 9th

Doug D is the new Segoe rep, so we should evaluate the Segoe total line

Women are trying to assess different fits

Randy will let us know when Segoe fit kit is available

Greg Bros is Graphic Designer on club, Randy discussed potential to assist with new jersey design

Potential to blend price of mens and women jersey to ensure that everyone is satisfied and are paying the same for jerseys

Could we increase member dues to ensure lower cost?  Preference is not to do this

Club Balance $5900

Randy to send email to club to ask about purchase of leftover cyclocross 

Cyclocross Race

Should we continue to host race?

No race calendar published yet - if we decide to pursue race, Mike will continue to attend MCF meetings to ensure we have a vote 

We get good feedback from racers

Do we need to do a fundraising effort?  

Why are we doing the race?  We haven’t made much money for the amount of effort we put in

Could we make the event more family / kid friendly to promote cycling in the St Croix Valley?

Brian motioned to drop Cyclocross race (Tim second) = MOTION PASSED

Do we need to have a fundraising event?  Put on agenda for next meeting

Plan to have brainstorming session for event on agenda for next meeting

Do we want to do an event?  Fundraising or otherwise?

Club Events:

ALS Ride Participation

Highway Cleanup

Free Bikes for Kids

Potential for assist with Down Syndrom Bike club (Mike has contact)

Brian:  Member Drive

Randy working to re-design membership envelope

Drop dead date of April 1st for membership renewal

Brian/Bill:  Slack update: 41 People on Slack

Everyone in club was invited

Should Lev be given an honorary club membership? Yes

Lev is currently on chat email

Spring Party

When should we have it?  April 1 is deadline for membership

Preference to have party on Sunday at Chilkoot Cafe

Randy will ask Lee about April 3 & April 10

Meeting Adjourned 7:58pm