Board Meeting 06Apr16

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Board Members Present:






Club Members Present:


Club Party Recap:

    Good recap/feedback

    Total price = approx. $1200

    Party was over around 9pm

    What would we do differently?  more beer, more seating

    People liked beer choice

Membership Update:

    77 re-registered or new

    39 people have not yet renewed

    How to better manage member list?  

    Should we increase the member dues for late membership?  Brian’s preference is to send a reminder, and after one week member                 

    dues will be $25 - everyone agrees with this approach

Jersey Committee Update:

    Gina:  Met with Greg (member who is graphic designer) who presented some designs.  There was a favorite for most.  

    Steve:  Thought proposed design was awesome

    Ended with everyone on committee voting on their favorite design

    If jersey is more black, then it is less visible

    Next steps are to ask subcommittee to present design to club

    Katie to ask Robbi about feedback on unisex jerseys and options for designs

Lindsey:  5 yr Anniversary of Chilkoot is coming up  

   Thinking of a block party, tentatively June 11, 1-9pm

    Submitting an app to city for permit party in the street  

    BBQ, flat rate, dunk time

    1-5pm is kids time  

    Proposal for our club to have free kids bike tune up   

    Brian asked about selling spikes - probably ok

    Asking for our club to set-up tent from 1-5pm and oversee kids events

    Kids Events: Cyclocross/obstacle course and bike tune-up

    Suggestion to ask Calvin to see if SAHS Mtn Bike team wants to get involved

    Informational Tent:  can we staff tent from 1-5pm?  

    Decorate bikes?  Yes - crate paper, balloons in tent to get people to enter tent

    Bike rodeo - have announcer, obstacle course - be continuous, approximately every 15min starting at 2pm - until 4pm

    Details to be ironed out next month

    Kids bike safety check and bike check-up — to reinforce that we’re concerned about safety of bikes & helmets

    Helmets will be required for bike rodeo

    Committed to assistance 1-5pm - Brian to let Lindsay know

ALS Ride: May 21

    Request to generate a large group to ride as a club

    Email to club with starting time - plan to ride together for a while, then can break-up into smaller groups

    Meet at Chilkoot cafe and ride to start?

    Gina to organize

Mike: Chilkoot Racing Update

    Plan for Chilkoot Club to drop out of USA Cycling and not pay membership this year

    Requested that Racing Team to pick-up fee - this year they don’t have enough money

    Pastor Nick (Racing Team) asked if club would consider sponsoring team for $200 for the year

        Agreement to sponsor Racing Team this year but not next year

    Race member wanted to be included on chat, but isn’t member of club

        Agreement to compromise and extend email ride list with $20 member dues (no requirement for jersey)

    Intent of team is to have only racers, not people that don’t want to race = approx. 11 riders

    Randy will look into what it would take to update USA Cycling name to Chilkoot Race Team and change contact to Nick

    Hope was to have race team provide info and nurture for racing groups, but that hasn't been the case

    Agreement that if Racing Team member has Chilkoot on jersey, they can be added to Chat

Nancy:  Beginners Cycling Group

    Has heard from many people that don’t have a bike but want to get into riding

    Suggestion to create group for new riders 

    Designated group of club members to lead a beginners ride

    Plan would be to recruit new club members that are beginning bikers

    Nancy to ask Curt Jackson if he would be interested in assisting as a leader

Meeting adjourned 8:44 PM