Board Meeting 06Jan16

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Board Members Present:







Club Members Present::



Bill Rush



Women club members met before meeting to review and fit Podiumwear jerseys

Women liked jerseys, but it is more expensive than Castelli ($65 vs. $90)

Sugoi rep will be at shop with jersey’s soon, plan to bring women’s fit as well

Lee: Wants a summary of what worked and didn’t work in 2015 (discounts, support, etc.)

Want to create club card with 10% discount for shop

Chilkoot club members required to sign contract which includes verification that riders will be good ambassadors of the shop

Need team roster (Brian has provided to shop) for shop discounts

Shop discounts only for people who have paid club dues before April 1

Consensus that club wants to do anything we can to keep shop open

Lee has requested that the Board reviews contract and provide feedback, then distribute to members

Has Lee considered discount be provided via a refund at the end of the year for all people that have met criteria?  Yes

Need to educate members about discounts and benefits from shop

Mike to work with Nick to provide criteria for race team

Lee & Lev working to get shop featured in Cycling magazine 

Lev is a great addition to the shop and we want to do as much as possible to keep him 

        Troy to have class on Fat Bikes and on regular basis continue effort/coaching

Lee wants to ensure that shop (Lev, Troy) provides educational opportunities: how to use a trainer, nutrition, women specific classes, 

Member drive at the cafe?  Cafe is open to this

Calvin: SAHS Mtn Bike Team

55 riders - largest team in the state

Looking for two 9th graders to be equipment managers

Need adult volunteers / escorts - need to meet at 3pm

Next year will move to Sat and Sun race days

Graphic Designer:  need to help with jersey design

Bill/Brian: SLACK

What is the opinion?  Board members like it

Randy has looked/reviewed and thinks it is the best venue, ability to look at what they want to.  

Takes the pressure off chat, but should it replace chat? Only if there is a channel on Slack that includes ride updates/announcements 

Do things need to be posted on both chat and slack? Too soon to tell

Can we invite the rest of the club?  Then, see how it goes until spring

Could subscribe to only General and Local Ride Group channels only

Suggestion for next meeting agenda:  Provide shop with any ride updates/tracking so that people that come into the shop with questions about rides can reference final race calendar