Board Meeting 07/06/16

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Board Members Present:

Club Members Present:

Jersey Order: Randy
Went very well; gave Randy access to orders
56 jerseys ordered
Randy ordered extras for club and some for ride coordinators
Over price break : $461 for price break on orders over 50
Suggestion to start a clothing fund
Now, can order single jersey’s (no minimum)
Have some classic (vintage) jerseys leftover
No July or August club events planned that could use extra money

Last month: $7000 in club budget
Approx. 100 paid members

Jackson Meadow Race
Katie/Christian should let Andy Powell know that we don’t intend to do the race next year

Curt Jackson: New Ride Suggestion for Sat 8am Ride
Is there a way to pay dues remotely?  Request to add an address for mailing?  Brian says yes
Can we start a C- ride for new riders to promote interest in riding and the club?
Suggestion for this ride to be at 8-10am so that people can be done for the rest of the day
Randy suggested that an email be sent to the club suggesting this ride
How do you get on the calendar?  Those rides when we have a commitment for a leader
Curt to write an email and send to Randy/Brian to send to club
Tim offered to assist as ride coordinator
Nancy will ask her group if they are potential ride coordinators
Plan to send email to announce ride and then try the ride for a few weeks; if the ride is successful then it will be added to the website calendar
Ride coordinators will give Curt the ride safety talk / text

Race Team:
How much should we encourage (or not) Chilkoot Race team to be associated with the club?
Next year taking on the USCF club fee
This year is the last one we are giving club membership for $20
When the race team shows up it diminishes the ride
The negative feeling is that this part of the club does not contribute to our club\ Mike can talk to Nick and ask them to be on their own
Can you have race pace parameters that will naturally separate the riders

Ride Safety
Bill has read and agreed upon text
Randy said that we need to be better about not just reading prior to the ride, but also pointing out when people aren’t following rules

Meeting adjourned 8:03pm