Board Meeting 10/7/15

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Board Meeting Oct 7, 2015

Board Members:

Gina O

Brian H

Tim P

Steve S

Katie B

Club Members:

Bill Rush

Allan Downey

Christian Brekke

Fall Club Party Recap:

Great party, lower turnout

Brian bought chips and condiments, lots of leftover chips - will be used for cyclocross race

Transition Stillwater

Calvin sent email about Transition Stillwater

Advisory Group formed for cycling in the St Croix Valley

Gina is interested in attending the meeting - should she go representing Chilkoot Velo?

Gina to go and represent Chilkoot Velo, and will report back

American Bike Challenge

Brian received follow-up email from group, but was unrelated to original request

Brian replied that the club isn’t interested this year

Bikes for Kids

Plans to do same event / participation this year, in November

Now located in Mall of America

Bill to organize event - volunteering labor only, not monetary support

Fat Bikes forum

Separate forum for fat bike chatter?  

Preference to use existing chat for fat bike chatter in winter

Jackson Meadow Cyclocross Race

Volunteer Update:  Still need volunteer registration help 10:30-12:30

Signage:  Gina to pickup at Mike’s and set-up on Sat morning

Food:  Nancy and Katie have food (pulled pork & water) covered

Mike has tent delivered from Calvin

Katie & Christian to bring cones

Technical support needed for Troy during his race - Christian to assist if before 1pm

Meeting adjourned 7:59pm