Board Meeting, 3/4/15

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Board Members Present:

Randy Moses

Katie Brekke

Tim Power

Steve Streitz

Brian Hirsch

Club Members Present:

Christian Brekke



Club Gathering April 12:

                2-3 food items will be available, paid for by club

                Club to purchase keg #1, Lee to purchase keg #2

                Sully to be MC for the night

                Sully & Randy to chat about awards, prizes, recognition, ect.

                Start of membership drive


Stillwater MTB Team:

                Mtn Bike Team is set-up as 5013c, and therefore can accept donations

                Suggestion for the club to donate to SAHS Mtn Bike Team in Emmett’s honor

                Vote: $500 donation to SAHS Mtn Bike Team in honor of Emmett - Passed

                Suggestion to make the money an annual donation – no decision


Proposed Rides for 2015:

                Summer Solstice 100: Proposed for Sunday June 14th (June 21st is Nature Valley Grand Prix)

                City Ride in the fall: Ride to Minneapolis and back

                Gravel Grinder revival (New name: Strata Maroon?) in the spring


                Agreement that Sully should go for it and schedule


Weekly Ride Organization

                Discussion on logistics of announcing ride prior to weekend ride

                Agreement that this would work only if there was a rotating schedule for Ride Coordinators

                Brian to send a note to club asking if anyone is interested in being a Ride Coordinator

Ride Coordinator Responsibilities:  Pick the route, kick-off the ride, splitting of A & B groups, talk about how to get out of town – starting for Sat rides only

Randy to talk about ride improvements at the Club Gathering


Meeting Adjourned 8:18pm