Board Meeting 5/6/15

posted May 10, 2015, 5:39 PM by
Board Members
Randy Moses
Katie Brekke
Mike Lyner
Brian Hirsch
Steve Streitz
Tim Parker

Club Members
Christian Brekke
 Bill Rush

Welcome to Gina - new board member
Any changes to board positions? No
Randy re-elected to president

Are there any improvements to website? All ideas welcome
 Reminder to add pictures to website when possible

Big Ring Flyers - Lee is in contact with ride leader
Randy has invited leader to Board Mtg to discuss collaboration opportunities and discuss Chilkoot ride expectations

Clothing order
Lots of new members who need new jerseys
Out of XL size - Randy to put in new order

Membership update - Brian
95 total members
76 renewals

Banquet Recap
Lots of new faces, good feedback overall

SAHS MTN Bike Team
Purchased tent that will have Emmett's name and race number on one edge, has utilized donation club gave in his honor for this purchase
Signup for team tomorrow at Chilkoot cafe so that members can start training over summer

Club Chat Discussion
Current state:  Lots of banter that gets disconnected from original message and club notification
How to control and remove emails that aren't related to club event?
Ride Coordinator: will send notification of upcoming ride info via club website
Brian to work on getting Ride Coordinators access to post on website

Roadside cleanup - May 24
Send email to club to ask about coordination of event

Mtg adjourned 8:02pm