Board Meeting 6/3/15

posted Jun 21, 2015, 1:05 PM by

Board Members Present

Steve Strietz

Randy Moses

Mike Lyner

Brian Hirsch

Tim Parker

Gina O

Katie Brekke

Club Members Present:

Christian Brekke


Randy – Jersey Order Update

Early season jersey order quickly gone

Previously ordered larger sizes – now demand for M & L sizes so Randy put in third order

Minimum order amount = 10 jerseys

Lead time = 6/7 weeks

Mike – Cyclocross Race

                Matt (MCF Cyclocross Season) emailed Mike about dates

                Oct 4th: Tentative schedule for cyclocross race – agreement that this is the best date

                Do we continue to support Junior racers?  Yes

                Music to be at a lower volume

                Need ‘Promoters License’, therefore Mike will need to take a test to get certified

Gina/Brian – Group Rides

                Sat Fitness ride had downloadable map, worked well

                Gina has suggested that more (or all) rides be available via website

                Suggestion to post rides on main page of website to be most obvious & available 

                Gina is willing to assist Brian in getting this accomplished

Brian – Browns Creek Trail Grand Opening: Sat 6/6 – 6/7

                Brian committed to club being available 6/7 with tent with bike demos

                80% chance of rain, preference to cancel club involvement - agreement

Mike – Grand Prix Sun June 21st

                Mike to assist with kid zone

                Ask for club and Stillwater residents to assist with set-up and tear-down

Meeting Adjourned 8:04pm