Board Meeting 7/1/15

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Board Members Present:

Steve S.

Randy M.

Tim P.

Brian H.

Gina O.

Mike L.

Club Members Present:

Christian B.


Mike - Cyclocross Race

                Sunday Oct 4th date confirmed

                Mike will take promoters test in order to promote race

                Katie to ask Robbi about new poster

                Best way to advertise may be creation of a Facebook page or use current club FB page

Randy – Ride Coordinator Role

                Request for selection of 40-50 mile routes, make longer rides the exception

                Nice to have ride routes available in Garmin

                Alternative ride on Sat had good participation

                Gina to meet with Nancy & Wendy this week and discuss potential of adding Tue ride

                Brian put together list of names and emails

                Archival of maps on website

                Rides available to anyone – link through Café website

Brian - America Bike Challenge Sept 21-25

10,000 miles in support of various charities: target is $5/mile

Can we organize a few rides that people can do to support ride without joining club

Would create free advertising for club

Suggestion from Brian to require participants to sign waiver and join regular rides

Currently do not require non-club members riding with us to sign waiver

Club is interested in pursuing – Brian to provide list of charities

Gina – July 11th Destination Ride to Mystery Garden (part of Family Means fundraiser)

                Garden that can only be accessed by bike, Sat 9-12pm

                Ticket = $20 ($25 day-of registration)

                Will update website to include details for ride, max 10miles

                Gina and Tim to work together to come up with a plan and will communicate to club

                Request for riders to sign waiver if not club members

Brian – Membership

                93 total members

Mike – Cyclocross Training Nights

                Does the club want to have organized cyclocross prep rides starting in Aug?  Yes

                Mike will send email to club to advertise

Meeting adjourned : 8:22pm