Board Meeting 8/5/15

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Board Members Present:

Brian H

Steve S

Mike L

Tim P

Gina O

Club Members Present:

Christian B

Brian is acting President for today's meeting

Gina - Tue Night Rides

Combo of core group & new riders - men and women

Rides going really well - lots of participation

Tue ride is targeting once/month destination ride

Proposed Ride Aug 22: Sat ride with destination = Minneapolis 

Brian - American Bike Challenge

Brian sent email to ride coordinator, hasn’t received response

Event is Sept 21 - Oct 24

Gina - Fall Social Event

Is there a potential for end of summer / fall social (mid-Sep)?

Greg Brooksbanks volunteered to host - Gina will follow-up with him and request that 

Greg propose some dates

Back-up will be Gina’s house

Mike - Cyclocross Race

Mike completed race director test 

Final date = Sat, Oct 10th

No-one to date has scheduled a race on Oct 11th

Flyer and poster has been updated/completed - need printing & distribution strategy

Need to identify where food will come from - Marine Cafe or General Store (Katie/Christian to ask)

How do we promote better?

Proposal to create t-shirts with logo for prizes and sell posters at event

Application for permit have been submitted

Marine City Council: Aug 13th, 7pm

Will file permit for amplified music permit 

If part of MCF series, save $500 with Mike Delaney 

Need to get note out to club to save the date - Brian will send

Want to take advantage of hill with bonfire 

Cash prizes for men and women

Free racing for Junior races

Mike to check to see if electronic signatures may be used for pre-registration

Mike to ask Calvin for pit support

Proposal for t-shirts for all volunteers

Katie & Christian to coordinate volunteers

Brian - Membership

Approx. 95 members

Cyclocross Training

Thur nights in Aug, Mike to provide cyclocross training

Meet at cafe, ride to Barkers Alps for drills

Advertised on chat

Preference to send email to club

Wed night cyclocross series in St Luis Park to start Aug 26th

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm