Board Meeting 9/2/15

posted Sep 20, 2015, 10:31 AM by

Board Members Present:

Katie B

Gina O

Brian H

Steve S

Randy M

Tim P

Club Members Present:

Christian B

Nancy L


Randy: Bank Balance: $4,174

$1,292 in jerseys

Jackson Meadows Race:

Tim and Randy are not available for Jackson Meadows race - two people able to sign checks

Gina to be co-signer for checks for race

Volunteer email has been sent by Christian

Need signage for parking - Brian to assist

Lee has agreed to have Chilkoot Cafe provide race support

Calvin & Mike to let Lee know what support is needed

Course set-up 5-7pm Friday

Food:  Katie/Christian to ask Marine Cafe and General Store about providing

Suggested donation $5

Add signage to show suggested donation and explain that it goes to the Jackson Meadow trail system

Everett & FruitShare tent will be present

Jersey update

Going into next year with current jersey design

Potential for women jersey style

Should we change design? Include update to the Chilkoot Cafe logo

Should we include some additional types of clothing? Sox, hats, t-shirts?

Have a committee to discuss/provide new design - wait until spring

Katie to ask Robbi if she would be interested in assisting with new design  around Feb - proposal to have a new design for spring kick-off event

Further discussion on what companies (Chikoot Cafe, Cannonade) to be added to jersey

Brian - Fall Club Party

Brian, Gina, and Greg Brooksbanks trying to determine date for fall club party

Oct 4th ideal date

Would like to have an option for both indoor and outdoor options

Send an email with save the date - details to follow

Meeting Adjourned 8:22 pm