Chilkoot Board Meeting, 02-Oct-13

posted Oct 21, 2013, 6:51 PM by
Board Members

Katie Brekke

Brian Hirsch

Tim Parker

Steve Strietz

Mike Lyner

Justin Rumley

Club Members

Nancy Lyner

Hank Gray

Christian Brekke

Calvin Jones

Dave Brandt


-Tim: Treasurer Report

                We have enough money

-Hank: Browns Creek Single Track

                Presentation to city – approved for proposal

                1st phase on south (wooded) side of park

Mon (07-Oct) meeting at Browns Creek to discuss development with Reed (developer of Carver Park)

                Aim to be available for HS bike practice, beginner/intermediate trails

                Request for club to help with labor & design work

                Plan by Nov, approval during winter with breaking ground in spring

-Tim: Thank you

                Tim read Thank You letter from ‘Free Bikes for Kids’

-Mike: Cyclocross Race Update

                Shorter and less technical course (1.5mile lap)

                Jackson Meadow requested proof of insurance

                APPROVED:  Chip Timing – $2 per rider, approx. $350 total

                Flat Bar events for Mountain Bikers

                Flyer in-progress

                Brian to send email to club and request volunteers

                Ask Lee to provide food for volunteers

                Ted to provide food for event (free or otherwise) & will provide keg at café after race

-Calvin:  Stillwater HS Mtn Bike Team Update