Chilkoot Board Meeting 2/5/14

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Board Members Present:

                Katie Brekke

                Randy Moses

                Mike Lyner

                Brian Hirsch

Club Members Present:

                Calvin Jones

 Calvin:  Update on Mtg attended to represent SAHS Mountain Bike Team

                Hank, Calvin, Joel attended meeting

                High School student effort Grassroots effort for sustainability in transportation

                Goal:  Facilitate local democracy with sustainability

                Proposal to send Chilkoot Velo representative to meeting

Discussion surrounding Chilkoot Velo support of bike transportation efforts – is this consistent with Chilkoot club mission?

                Decision:  Wait to see if there is more group focus. 

Hank to attend meeting, Calvin is on email list

 Check for Jackson Meadow Trails $500 (Randy)

                Brian and Ted to deliver check

 Forum Update (Randy)

                Discussion:  How to facilitate chat without overwhelming inbox?

                Potential to set-up forum with various topics/categories

                Decision:  ask Brad if he is willing to own forum

Sho-Air Team (Randy)

                Moved allegiance to St Cloud

                Group approached Lee & masters group about having Chilkoot club racing team

                Discussion:  Racing team could be sub-set of Chilkoot club

                Discussion:  No financial donations from club

                Action: Randy and Mike to discuss specifics with Lee

 Kit Order (Randy)

                Discussion:  how to increase women club participation?

                Randy to ask Dore about interest in being women’s club coordinator/lead

                Club to order minimum order of women’s jerseys

 Spring Club Kick-off Event

                Potential for end of April / early May event

                Table discussion till next meeting

 Meeting Adjourned 8:14pm