February Board Meeting

posted Feb 17, 2013, 8:57 AM by swstreitz@chilkootvelo.com
February 6, 2013
Chilkoot Cafe
Board Members present
Randy Moses-President
Brian Hirsch-VP
Tim Parker-Treasurer
Mike Lyner
Katie Brekke
Steve Streitz-Secretary
Club Members present
Christian Brekke
Calvin Jones
Lee Stylos
Randy reported that Dore Antonello sent a $250 donation on behalf of her employer, Construction Midwest, Inc.  We will most likely pass on the donation to the ALS Bike Trek MN charity ride, along with an additional donation from the club funds.  Randy and Tim will speak with Justin Rumley about it and report back at the March board meeting.
 Calvin, Randy, Christian and Sully are spearheading efforts to get ride ettiquette rules in place. Calvin proposed an idea to use YouTube as a means to communicate club group ride etiquette to members.  We hope to explore this further and will discuss more at the March meeting. 
Club membership has been changed from April 1-March 31 to January 1-December 31.  We feel the change will simplify the gray are of what happens if someone wants to join in the months we typically are not riding and/or involved in many club activities.  The website will be modified to reflect these changes. 
2013 Club Membership Drive will most likely be held on April 6th and/or 7th.  We hope this will include a couple group rides, clothing order and a group gathering at Chilkot Cyclery to mingle and watch Paris-Roubaix!  Lee proposed offering club discounts on Cannondale bikes and all the supplies and equipment needed for the cycling season.  The idea being we would place a group order to maximize a discount.  We think this is a great idea and will have more detail after the March meeting.
Randy mentioned Mt Borah will mfg club socks for $20/pair.  We talked about setting a firm date for placing a spring/summer clothing order but have not decided what that may be.  Will discuss further in March.
Mike Lyner has been working diligently to get club ride routes mapped out.  He has been exploring different sites that will make it possible to export the detailed maps.  Currently he has laid out 10 routes and there is more to come.  This is a time consuming project and we thank Mike (who spends an inordinate amount of time on all things cycling) for volunteering his technical skills. Mike also reported that the MCF has decided to expand the cyclocross season in 2013.  As part of that decision only 1 CRY event will be held on any given weekend.  We hope this does not mean we will have to change our date for the Jackson Meadow race as it is traditionally held the same weekend as Green Acres.  Stay tuned...
meeting adjourned at 8:50pm