February Board Meeting, 2/4

posted Feb 22, 2015, 5:19 PM by cbrekke@chilkootvelo.com
Chilkoot Board Meeting, 2/4

Board Members:
Katie Brekke
Steve Streitz
Tim Power
Randy Moses
Mike Lyner
Brian Hirsch

Club Members:
Tim Power
Calvin Jones
Christian Brekke
Lee Stylos

April 12: Spring Club Event
Plan is for club to offer a few food options at Chilkoot Cafe
Beverages:  Beer & wine to be provided
53x11 to provide entertainment
Membership drive to start before the event
        Invite for members plus one

Jackson Meadow Race
        $700 will be given to Jackson Meadow Trails ($200 from food donations)
For next year: No loud music & split of traffic and race
Location:  Afton Alps or Jackson Meadow?  Preference for Jackson Meadow
Emphasis on volunteer recruitment 
Need to work on better social media - both for Jackson Meadow
promotion and increased club interaction

Big Ring Flyers group will be riding from Chilkoot Cyclery (Russ = club president)
Potential issues:  Sat rides start times, behavior on the road
Current size of Big Ring Flyers club = 20 people, more of a race focus
Ask Big Ring Flyers for additional clarification on ride schedule (Randy & Russ to 
meet and discuss)

Draft Ride Map
Plan to have finalized in March
People to send gps of missing routes to add to the map
Sat rides posted on Facebook 2 days prior, can download directions or have printable 
versions available at cafe
Preference to have a ride leader for each group - pick route, start the ride in 
organized fashion, define road rules
Core group of ride leaders to ensure there is a leader each Sat morning

Mark Franz (Coordinator of St Croix Valley Youth Cycling League) 
Mark sent email to Lee asking for assistance in recruiting a club leader
Mtn Bike, BMX, Velodrome, Bike rodeo events
Club size = approx. 20
Calvin to come back with additional information in later meetings
Club is ready to support with assistance with individual events, consistent with 
mission of the club

Meeting adjourned 8:39PM