January Board Meeting

posted Feb 17, 2013, 8:09 AM by swstreitz@chilkootvelo.com
Jan 2, 2013
Chilkoot Cafe
called to order @ 7:12pm
Board Members present
Randy Moses-President
Brian Hirsch-VP
Justin Rumley
Steve Streitz-Seceretary
Club members present
Calvin Jones
Lee Stylos
Jackson Meadow Cyclocross Race
Brian said we need to cut a check for the agreed upon $500.00 donation the the JM Trail Fund.  It was discussed that this would be a good time to mention some of the course changes we would like to incorporate for the 2013 race.
  Our main goal for the course is to make it as spectator friendly as possible while maintaining a challenging, exciting ride for the racers.
Randy brought up possible recipients for monies raised through the proposed Historic RR Spike Fundraiser headed by Bill Rush.  No firm decision was made but Family Means is at the top of the list currently.  As the fundraiser is closer to becoming a reality we will decide where to apply the proceeds.
Club Bylaws
  in the future we will likely have change the board member terms from the current 1 year time frame to 2 years.  The current terms are up in April 2013.
meeting adjourned at 8:13pm