June 2013 Board Meeting

posted Jul 10, 2013, 6:12 PM by cbrekke@chilkootvelo.com
 Chilkoot Board Meeting 05 June 2013



Board Members:

Randy Moses

Justin Rumley

Mike Lyner

Tim Parker


Club Members:

Joel Nichols

Lee Stylos

Calvin Jones

Mark Trumper

Christian Brekke


1. Stillwater High School Mountain Bike Team: Calvin, Mark, Joel


                        MN NICA High School Racing:

Roseville, WBL and 10 other schools in area already have teams.

                        Not affiliated with High School sports.

                        Cost $40 / race / kid.  Five races per year.           

                        Three days practice / week at Lake Elmo, Browns Creek, White Tail, ect.

                        Future assistance (time) will be appreciated.


Provide funding not to exceed $750

                        Funding to cover Administrative fees


2.  Downtown Revilization: Lee


Stillwater interest in developing bike tourism and is looking for financial support

                        Lakeview Hospital already committed some funding


$500 donation for a plan to make Stillwater downtown a bike friendly city (plan to be completed by Dorian)

Motion Passed.


  1. Nature Valley Grand Prix: Randy


Need club support

Email will be sent to club


  1. Spikes for Bikes: Bill

Need support/assistance at Nature Valley Grand Prix

Email will be sent to request volunteers


  1. Club Dues: Randy

Club dues for first time club members is set at $100 with a jersey

Jersey cost is $65, therefore first time members are paying more for yearly membership.

Motion: reduce first year fees to $85. Passed


Meeting adjourned 8:45pm