March 2017 meeting minutes

posted Mar 1, 2017, 6:27 PM by Gina Oesterreich
Board Members present:
Steve Streitz
Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner
Gina Oesterreich
Katie Brekke

Club members present:
Christian Brekke

Spring Banquet
– Brian
Door prizes – shall we return to door prizes? Swag plus additional prizes, Brian motioned that we spend up to $500 on prize(s).
Katie requested that we mention donations to Mark and Calvin.
Program – provide info on club mission, board, vision, history, numbers, call for nominations to the board.

Website – Mike, Brian
The current website is limited. SquareSpace is an inexpensive option. Discussion of website vs. public Facebook page. Gina will forward example Facebook page to board members. Gina and Mike will investigate options.

Fund raising event:
Mike proposed Gran Fondo type ride with strava segments, with prizes for segments. Late August – early September. Start and end at Pioneer Park. Need to set a date. Mid-September. Mile will coordinate with SAHS Mnt team and will come to next meeting with proposed date.

Use of email list for Cimarron fund raiser: Mike
Brian Motion: Let Mike use email list to send invitation for Cimarron bike fundraiser, Steve seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20