May 2013 Board Meeting

posted Jul 10, 2013, 6:10 PM by
Board Members Present:

            Mike Lyner

            Randy Moses

            Katie Brekke

            Justin Rumley

            Tim Parker

            Brian Hirsch


Club Members Present:

Calvin Jones

Christian  Brekke


Bill Rush

             Lee Stylos


-       Re-Scheduled Wrench and Munch – nasty weather

o      ACTION: cancelled for this year


-       Clean-up is scheduled for Mother’s Day

o      Re-scheduled for May 19th, 1-3pm

o      Free lunch

-       ALS Ride

o      Randy to send email to club

o      Club will donate $1000 to the club

o      Justin has created new page for donations

o      The club encourages everyone to ride

o      Team Mustang has already raised over $90,000

o      Twins tickets available

o      Goal of ride is to promote awareness

o      Emphasis on participation

o      Justin to provide a short personal summary for club email

o      After ride, follow-up with options to donate after ride if they missed the opportunity

o      Fri before the ride, meet at the bowling alley to kick-off the ride @ 6pm

-       Bill Rush: 

o      Approx 1000 railroad spikes in Bill’s garage

o      Donated by MN Cranberry Company (company that removed rail lines)

o      Spikes available for $5 donation

o      Tag will accompany spikes with historical significance and club card

o      Lee to donate coupon for free drink with up to $3.50 value

o      Money will be donated to Free Bikes for Kids

o      Spikes for Bikes

o      June 1st – spikes packaged and available

o      Culmination at Nature Valley Grand Prix June 12-16

o      Spikes available at Chilkoot Café and available at booth at Nature Valley Grand Prix in Chilkoot Café tent

o      Advertised in Stillwater Patch, Stillwater Facebook page

o      Plan A = sell all at Grand Prix

o      Plan B = advertise and sell at multiple venues

o      Plan C = scrap the extras

o      Bill to donate tags and misc. costs 

o      Katie to follow-up with Robbi about logo for tag

o      For display – railroad ties (Brian to take this action)

o      Proposal to let Bill go with idea as he has proposed it and keep us posted. ACTION PASSED

o      Club Member with the most spikes donated:

§       1) 4-hr weekday boat rental at Stillwater Boat Rentals

§       2) $50 Gift Cert to Chilkoot Café

-       Mike: Map Update

o      3 x 4 ft map for display in Chilkoot Café with composite ride map

o      Paper handouts also available and through website

o      Created Chilkoot Velo group at Garmin Groups so that members can download rides directly to their Garmin

-       Group Ride Route Schedule

o      Defined rides will be decided at the beginning of each ride from one of the listed maps

o      Can print pdf copies of map route for distribution at the beginning of the ride

o      Mike to write instruction sheet for website

-       Three official Club Rides

o      1) Pumpkin Ride (Sat) at 8am

o      2) Sat Ride at 9am

o      3) Sun Coffee Ride at 10am

o      4) Wed Recovery Ride with J-Brad at 6pm

-       Club Membership Update

o      Randy to send email and remind people of last-call for 2013 membership sign-up by May 15th.

-       Cyclocross

o      Nov 9th and 10th is final weekend given  by MCF

o      Andy Powell & Carl Norgren (Jackson Meadow) are ok with the date, even if there is snow

o      Club would prefer to have Nov 9th (Sat)