November Board Meeting

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Chilkoot Velo Board Meeting

Chilkoot Café


-meeting was called to order at 7:15pm

Board Members Present

Randy Moses-President

Tim Parker-Treasurer

Mike Lyner

Justin Rumley

Steve Streitz-Secretary

Club Members Present

Calvin Jones

Lee Stylos



Tim P is following up on some options for a tent. 


Jackson Meadow CX Race

We reviewed the cross race and all agreed it was a success!  The number of paid entries was up from last year to 173.  We added about $1450.00 to our bank account after paying expenses, including $500 to the Jackson Meadow Trail Fund, which is an increase from the $400 we donated last year. 

  Kudos to Mike Lyner and his budgeting expertise.  The final numbers came in right on target and that’s no small task.

  After much discussion we decided to drop the Scandia TT next year and instead focus more on Jackson Meadow.  We have a unique course and setting and think with a little more tweaking can make it into a bigger attraction for both racers and fans.  Our intention is to keep JM on our board meeting agenda throughout the year and keep the momentum going.

  Justin suggested we make posters and flyers for next year to advertise our event.  Also, a Facebook page will be in the works.

  Steve brought up the idea of club t-shirts.  These could not only be worn at club events but anytime as a way of promoting Chilkoot Velo.

  Tim Parker summed up our sentiments about improving the Jackson Meadow Cross Race with his inspirational motto “Growth in Excellence”. 

  On a side note, we were approached by Now Sports/Synergy about moving our race to Green Acres and combining with them for a 2 day event.  We declined to move our race but will still look into the possibility of a joint effort in some capacity.


Volunteers Extraordinaire

A special thank you to Calvin “Pit Boss” Jones and Greg “Big Wheel” Mealhouse for their extra efforts as volunteers.  Their time and efforts made for a more enjoyable experience for both racers and other volunteers.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.


Next Board Meeting

12-7-11 at Chilkoot Café

All club members welcome!