November Board Meeting

posted Nov 19, 2012, 6:17 AM by
Chilkoot Cafe
Board Members present
Randy Moses-President
Brian Hirsch-Vice President
Tim Parker-Treasurer
Katie Brekke
Mike Lyner
Steve Streitz-Secretary
Club Members present
Bill Rush
Calvin Jones
Meeting called to order at 7:15
Club Fundraiser
Bill made a fundraising proposal to gather and sell Historic Railroad Spikes from the former MN Zephyr Train Tracks.
The spikes would be dontaed to the club if we pick them up.  We would then attach informatioon about the history of the spikes along with some club info, ask members to sell 5-10 each and use the proceeds to purchase kids bikes for donation.
The board is receptive to the idea and will discuss further.  Thanks to Bill for putting in the effort to promote the club and involment with kids.
Jackson Meadow Cyclocross Race
All feedback has been positive regarding the race.  Racers liked the new course layout
We deposited approx $4.000.00 from race proceeds and will donate another $500.00 to the JM Trail Assn.
Some prep is already underway to incorporate a new section into next years race.