October Board Meeting, 10/1

posted Oct 9, 2014, 6:10 PM by cbrekke@chilkootvelo.com
Board Members Present:
Randy Moses
Tim Parker
Brian Hirsch
Justin Rumley
Steve Streitz
Mike Lyner
Club Members Present:
Christian Brekke
Calvin Jones
Randy - Clothing donations for the SAHS MTN Bike Team
        Randy to send out email to club to ask for donations
        Cardboard box at Chilkoot Cafe will be available for drop-off

Brian - Highway Cleanup set for Oct 19th

Brian - Free Bikes for Kids Volunteer event
        Preference for a weeknight - Tue Oct 14th
        Brian to check on time and send email to club
        Thank you from Free Bikes for Kids from

Calvin - Update on SAHS MTN Bike Team
        Oct 26th Finals at Whitetail

Mike - Cimeron Youth Center building in-progress
        Youth Center includes bike shop, which has asked for support
        Mike would like to provide club donation matching up to $4,000
        Additional details to be provided at next Board Mtg by Tom (FamilyMeans)
        Brian offered to provide free music for a potential fundraising event

Mike - Jackson Meadow Race Update
        Volunteer Coordinators update - we have enough people, minus parking
        Christian to be point-person for volunteers
        Tim & Brian offered to be parking gurus
        Club will pay for pre-registration
        Two lines (pre and post registration)
        Cloth bibs = $5/off registration
        Proposal to have donation idea for $5
                (Ex: SAHS MTN Bike Team, Jackson Meadow trails)
        Junior races are free, but they do need to sign a waiver
        Posters have been distributed
        City of Marine (Chris Mowrey) items complete - insurance form and music waiver
        Meet Sat 12pm for course set-up
        Toilets are ordered
        Cash prizes are same as last year
        Nancy to coordinate pork sandwiches (Ted is donating food, Chef Jeff is cooking)
        Justin to follow-up with Everett about fruit
        Next Steps:  Discuss location, another new race (gravel?)

Meeting Adjourned 8:20pm