Sept Board meeting 9/4

posted Sep 5, 2014, 7:25 PM by
Board Members:
Katie Brekke
Randy Moses
Justin Rumley 
Steve Streiz
Brian Hirsch
Mike Lyner

Non Members:
Christian Brekke
Nancy Lyner
Nancy - Tue Night Ride update
     Tue night attendance ranged from 2-15 people
     Would like more publicity for the ride
     How to define success?
     Would like to encourage more women and slower riders
     Change start time to 5:45pm
     Need maps with 25mile routes
     To send an email with ride start time change, and going forward, use chat for and further communication

Brian - MTN Bike Race Team (from Calvin)
     Total participation = 38 riders
     More 7-8th grade riders
     D205 - Thursday is Parents Night
     501c3 is ready to ship
     This Sun = first race of the year

Mike - Map Update
     Want to create a more artistic map for framing at Chilkoot
     Mike to send Justin the map for manipulation
     Need to make sure it is still usable

Mike - Race Team Update (via Nick)
    Good race results thus far
    Nick will put together a race report once season is final
    Maybe we should have a party to celebrate?

Brian - Highway Clean-up Oct 19th

Randy - Jackson Meadow Race
    Robbi provided poster and flyer - need to add Chilkoot Cafe as sponsor
    Fruitshare to sponsor
    Food from Marine Cafe pending
    Need to post flyer in local bike shops
    Facebook Page? Currently race info posted on MCF Facebook page
    Current Chilkoot Velo Facebook page - will link to MCF Facebook Page
    Katie to reach out to Marine Messenger for potential article
    Randy says: if anyone has any ideas to publicize, please do it
    Volunteer update: need to get notice out to the club
    Set-up: Taping, barriers, tape, stakes
    Mike to call Mike D. and get an idea of when/where to pick up supplies
    Christian to price-out stakes 
    Target set-up on Sat morning
    Registration - Need enough time for data entry
    Junior racers are free, but they still need to complete a waiver
    Steve to ask about printing of poster for Hwy 95 
    Mike to send Steve artwork for poster
    Katie/Christian to ask Andy about date confirmation
    Eric is still planning on providing music
    Mike to work on race permit
    To give Robbi & Sebastian Chilkoot Velo jersey and honorary membership for a Thank You for poster work

Meeting Adjourned 8:04pm