Off the Back With Sully

Cyclists Have Issues

I'm not talking about us putting on spandex to ride ridiculously priced bicycles, in our partners eyes, nor am I talking about the debate raging in our heads over 98 or 99 psi in our tires for today's ride. Note, I'm going 98 today, maybe 97 psi.  
Just one last cup?

No friends, not those issues. (Read (The very short) rest here) 

Mr. Smooth!

It has happened to all of us. That moment when you realize my cycling shoe is not coming undone from my pedal. And boom. Upon the ground we land. Here is the adventure of our own Mr. Smooth and a failed attempt to unclip, that is, until he hit the ground... 

The Very First ALS MN Bike Trek

In 2010 Justin held the first ALS MN BIke Trek. 8 riders from what was then the Bikery Racing Team left Stillwater and headed north to Withro, then the home of the Trek to take part in this adventure. This is the unfortunate, for some, tale of that day. Read the tale here.

Le Weight!

Why is it that J. Sully (me) has not gotten The Call(read the rest of the story here.)

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Le Call!

It is la** time of the year when all over the internet you see nothing but stories of the world’s great cycling teams announcing their lineups for Le Tour. There is much talk of who can beat last years champion Mr. Froome. Everyone wonders if A. Contador will eat tainted Spanish beef? 

But, more importantly, it is the time of the year when J. Sully (me) waits for le CALL! 

For those of you who follow the trials and tribulations (read the rest of le story here)

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IronKoot: The "Ride" Report

It begins with an idea. The idea is shared. The idea is thought highly of or in some cases not. Occasionally the idea is forgotten. Those who have done the forgetting are happy they forgot once they are reminded of the thing they had forgotten about, but now, alas, they are sad for having been reminded of the thing they had happily forgotten. (What’s this about again?)

Or maybe they just missed the email? It is simply both... (read the rest of the story here)

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The Fall Ride Process

In the midwest of the United States, Minnesota to be more precise, the cycling season is winding down. The leaves are falling from the trees, the days are getting chilly, if not downright cold. It is the time of year that the local bike clubs face the challenge of riding the regularly scheduled weekly ride with less than ideal conditions. What follows is an accounting of one group’s effort to determine when their normally scheduled 9am Saturday ride will happen and a report of the ride. (Read the rest of the story here)

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Appearance Of The "Cyclist"

What follows is a narrative describing the reality for those not of the cycling community when a rider, a cyclist, sometimes “lovingly” called “Lance Armstrong” from the window of passing car, emerges from home to depart on a ride. I will warn you this story is not pretty. But when worlds collide, is it ever pretty? 

We join our rider preparing for au courant adventure. Our friend... (read the rest of the story here)

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Advice on Advice 

In all groups there are those who like to offer advice*. In the cycling community which I participate I would dare to suggest that the percentage of advice offerers is high when compared to other groups of folks who gather together in a common cause such as work or family reunions. Ok, you are correct, we won't  bring family reunions... (read the rest of the story here) 

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Why I Rode When I Said I Would Not Ride

    It's true, I did ride, despite the weather. Find out why I lied to you... Yes, it really was in your best interest. Really. (Read the rest of the story here.)

Dial In The Levers! 

    THE 1 missing tip that will not JUST boost Comfort, but will also INCREASE PERFORMANCE! And - it's easy... 

A Field Guild to Improve Your Excuse Making Prowess for 2013 Cycling Season
       There is a dark place our heads go to when we suffer. It is a place that is both full of pain, a pain that is reflecting back at you the energy that has since left your body, but also a place we slide into to wander about. Thoughts rattle down from the mountain tops of anguish and careen at us as we wrestle with the "should I.... (read the rest of the story here)

       THE guide for how you might ride just a little bit faster in 2013 as told by the guy who falls off the back "occasionally". (read the rest of the story here)

    Yes. It may surprise you to learn that your friendly author has a title for what it is he does to cover his tracks** that show the path of which the stories of his bike(s) and run(s) and bowls and other activities follow. Some might call it writing, but those who actually 'write' for a living would apply (read the rest of the story here)

   It was (not so1) recently decreed by the newly formed Green Jersey Committee that the BikeryChilkoot Velo Saturday 9am ride will here forth and forever, at least while the Green Jersey Committee doth exist, award a Green Jersey at seasons end and points post ride that shall be added together (read the rest of the story here)

    One of the hazards of all you fasties up in the front is you just don't get to see the scenery like those of us who may have only about 120 miles in our legs and big (maybe HUGE) plans for finally really busting our butt over the past winter, plans I might add that may or may not have played out as we (read the rest of the story here)

        It began, as many things do, a humble beginning. Nothing more than a simple social functioning ‘bike wash’ day, or maybe an ‘Eat-n-Tune’, perhaps even ‘SPRING CLEANING & BBQ’. Something for a ‘crisp fall day’. A day full of (read the rest of the story here)  Please note that this link takes you off of Chilkoot Velo to the infamous Argon 18 Blog. Mainly because it's easier to embed photos there. Enjoy! 

    Stories are meant to be told. Stories abound. Stories are everywhere. Really. I could begin today by telling you the story of my cat and his morning routine which generally conflicts with keeping my head aligned with my (read the rest of the story here)

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