Osceola Route - The Things you See

posted Apr 1, 2012, 9:01 AM by Jay Sully   [ updated Dec 31, 2012, 8:58 AM ]
One of the hazards of all you fasties up in the front is you just don't get to see the scenery like those of us who may have only about 120 miles in our legs and big (maybe HUGE) plans for finally really busting our butt over the past winter, plans I might add that may or may not have played out as we had hoped. I'll let you make your own decision on how you think my plans for a butt working winter went (oh! an unintended alliteration!) 

But, this is not why I write today. Meaning, I do not write today to discuss my level of fitness (roughly -4 if you are measuring, but that's not why I write). 

I write today to discuss some of the scenery along the route to and from Osceola. Specifcally this structure: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ll=45.310694,-92.714768&spn=0.001085,0.002143&t=h&z=19 (as seen from a super secret Trek spy satellite they have deployed on bike routes around Wisconsin to detect decidedly un-Wisconsinian cyclists on non-Treks.) 

This structure is sign that you are indeed close to Osceola. You are close to coffee, Gatorade, warmth, reprise from a thunderstorm (Mr. Parker - what a ride that was!). 

Yes, it means much to many of us. And likely little to others, potentially more people than feel it means much. And really, the many who feel it means much may be but 1 - that 1 being me. But this does not matter. 

Let's continue... 

What is it? Whose is it? Why is it there??? 

Theories abound: 

Perhaps the ultra-secret Park Tools laboratory of one of taller and more flamboyant (except with bikes) club members? 

Maybe it's the spot where the board of this club discusses just how big sponsorship logos on an upcoming Jersey design (typically complete in early November fall) should be? 

Maybe it's a giant deer stand? (My favorite theory). 

Perhaps this is where I should end most of my rides up north and beg my wife to come pick me up? 

We just do not know. 

And it worries me. What is this structure? 

In the end I suppose it would behoove me to simply ride faster. Keep my head down, teeth gritted so I can win that last stop ahead before entry into Osceola and not notice the odd, the beautiful, the deer stand. But no, while I certainly would have owned the peloton yesterday (Saturday, March 31) had I made my mind up to do it I choose instead to hang towards the back so Lee, Greg, Ted, and Christen (wow! another rider for our club!!) don't feel so bad about not being able to hang on. To help buoy their spirits so after that first climb after the bridge to nowhere (aka Lift Bridge to WI) their legs felt it best if may they only do 20 or 30 miles. (Um, ah, at least that's how I'm telling myself to remember it today).

My job is to give. To help the peloton to move forward and notice the little things. To ensure the club is one. We ride together, we enjoy together, we drink coffee and the chosen few can grit those teeth (FYI - we have a dentist in the club now so she can help you with the after effects of those gritted teeth.) and go fast and miss the amazing sites on the road to Osceola. 

A great route. A great ride. A great day. 

Now, what IS that place???