Story Telling is Hard, in the rain, the wind, and even without that.

posted Apr 30, 2011, 11:40 AM by Jay Sully   [ updated Dec 31, 2012, 8:58 AM ]

Stories are meant to be told. Stories abound. Stories are everywhere. Really. I could begin today by telling you the story of my cat and his morning routine which generally conflicts with keeping my head aligned with my pillow. But that’s not (generally) the sort of story for this area of the interweb. 

The general1 problem with stories though is in the collection, storage, and movement to a location generally referred to as telling. Or, perhaps the ‘telling’ is really a state to which a story must be moved to truly be a story?. In either case: Stories need to first be perceived. And from perception (which is worthy of it’s own story!) a story is then moved into the head, shuffled around, bounced off a few neurons (is that what they call those thingies in the brain?), storied2 in a place where they  will be remembered until the story keeper3 acquires the tools necessary to transfer the story which is now a memory from said neurons to either paper via nerves in his body that move the information in a complicated pattern to his/her muscles that move a writing device (pencil, pen, sidewalk chalk, whatever) across the paper in a manner that can then be read by someone else. 

Or (yes, an OR!) a quite similar process is followed but instead of paper the writer3.5 (we’ll use the term ‘writer’ loosely in the case of these sorts of stories) pushes the keys on a keyboard attached to a computer3.74 that then turns 0s into 1s so that an image appears which represents what the neurons in her head were attempting to process into a story. 

Wooah! Who knew it was so hard? Well, I did. As you may or may not know, and if you’re reading this and discovering this (being the Sully blog, or whatever it is) for the first time at the new (at the time of this writing) Chillkoot Velo Web Site you’re probably falling into a state of realization that is something like: ‘This guy (Sully), and these stories, AGAIN!’ Worse, not just in an email that you’d be able to craft, in a deliberate manner, an inbox rule to immediately send to trash when he would send me his neurological remberances of rides (and sometimes other things). 

Oh yeah, ‘may or may not know’, picking that thought back up: As you may or may not know, the club, much to it’s lack of general wisdom has set aside a small corner of our little piece of the cloud (please, I beg you, NEVER SAY ‘TO THE CLOUD’) for more of my stories. Sorry about that. You can stop this madness by running for seat on the board next year and getting the administrators password to our cloud instance and locking me out. Forever. You’d really be doing many of us a favor. But I digress, which is normal. 

Wooooh.... That last paragraph got away from me. What I was trying to say is something like: ‘HERE IS SULLY!’ 

So a story: Today the weather is poor. wet. Chilly (ha, ha, ha, like ChillyCoot Velo, get it? Kind of a pun!). And me a wimp on cold, wet, chilly days, that is if you don’t count the iron crotch where we (Tim, the guy at the Ducati Dealership whom I can’t recall his name, Fred maybe?, and I almost died of hypothermia and severe thunderstorms, oh and that time... well, never mind, this paragraph is about to go south (go south is term I use when things generally get away from me) and I know you don't want another paragraph to escape the clutches of ‘well written’! Opps. Too late. 

So where was I? Oh yeah - the fact I’ve been asked to recognize stories of our rides together 5, collect them in my head, let them bounce around from neuron to neuron (assuming that’s how it works), store them away until I can find pen, pencil, side walk chalk, or a keyboard, and then convert the thoughts from their neurological state into what appears here - namely words derived from 1s and 0s stored in the cloud. 

See - this is hard. But it is true I have a gift for this. Much as I do for bearing the burden of the Green Jersey year, after year, winning another sprint. Always being that guy. Nipping everyone at line. Always, always winning. Just another burden. Just another talent. And unfortunately, you get to suffer for it. 4

The problem with this whole ‘process’ is knowing when to stop. When the neurons have exhausted themselves and what is now draining from head through your nervous system into your muscles, and finally across the keyboard onto what will be some disk space somewhere is nothing more than the pus left behind when the neurons have been emptied, assuming they had real content to begin with. 

Sorry about the pus. 

1 - my word for today until I choose another. Which means I’m very likely going to use it over, and over, and over throughout this transfer of neurological wonder To The Cloud (which is a story all it’s own, To The Cloud I mean). 

2  - Storied - like stored. I’m the ‘master’ of the obvious. But it just occurred to me that Story and Store (as in to store a thought) is a derivation of Story, or the other way around. Yes, it does make perfect sense! Thus why I used ‘storied’ above. Really, as the perception is moved into my head during the process of original perception the perception is being storied, turned from a real life adventure into a story. Clearly I need the Sully First Edition Dictionary. Clearly. Sometimes I’m not even sure what Sully meant and, like, I’m him, I think?

3 - In this case, me. Sorry about that. Every silver lined cloud has 1 corner in shadows. This is that part of this cloud, meaning the silver lined cloud that is Chillkoot Velo. 

3.5 - Still me. Sorry about that. 

3.74 - By the time I got there I couldn’t remember the clever foot note that was to appear here. Another of the trials and tribulations of the story teller, or in this case, me. 

4 - If you’re new here. Please read this article for deeper understanding of my ‘talent’. And understand that the title of said article is a foundation for much of what I say while story telling. Also you should probably look at this

5 - Together - a term used by bike clubs that represent the beginning of ride - as in ‘We will ride together! But when the events are retold means something like - we will be together for the first 40 to 50 moments of the ride and then we will drop Sully like a rock in a lake that has had the ice go out! Which actually, when you’ve been dropped, the details of the story really do get much better as you have time to ferment them.  It’s like you’ve been granted artistic license! 

Does anyone proofread this pus? Wow. 

Jay Sully,
Apr 30, 2011, 11:52 AM
Jay Sully,
Apr 30, 2011, 11:52 AM