Ride Routes

For 2019, we're trying assigned routes for each Saturday in the month

Exceptions are the first 3 Saturdays in May.  To start off a little shorter, we'll do:


To the West

CV1.2 Bald Eagle 40 miles

To the East

CV2 New Richmond 45 miles

CV3 Three River Reverie 53 miles

To the North

CV4 Forest Lake 57 miles

CV5 Osceola 56 miles

CV6 Bone Lake 48 miles

CV9 Withrow Mayberry 42 miles

To the South

CV7 Afton 46 miles

Other Routes

ALS Routes - May 20, 2017

14 mile route

27 mile route

44 mile route

Route from Chilkoot to ALS Ride starting point - 14 miles