Membership Process

We have restructured our club's membership process. Please follow the steps below if you are a new member or returning member of the Chilkoot Velo Cycling Club.


Step 1: Apply For Membership

This is your membership application that will be reviewed by a CVCC board member. Your response to the last question allows us to connect like-minded members and create specific rides based on the answer.

Select ALL your preferred riding situations:

Step 2: Pay Dues

Please pay for your membership fee. You can do this online through PayPal or in-person by traveling to the Chilkoot Cyclery in Stillwater. There is a Membership Letterbox located on the wall behind the register. You'll find a CVCC envelope for checks or cash. (If paying via PayPal, you will see The Chilkoot Velo Logo, the name "John Sutcliffe" and  "")

New members are required to purchase a jersey which is a one-time payment of $90 and this includes your first-year dues.​

Yearly membership renewal is $25 on or before April 15th. Renewing your Membership increases to $40 on or after April 16th because of late fees.


Step 3 - Sign Waiver

You will need to sign a Legal Wavier to ride with CVCC. (These are listed in order of preference): 

  1. Print off wavier here, sign, scan, & email back to

  2. Stop by the Chilkoot Cyclery and fill out the wavier and place in Membership Letterbox.

  3. Notify that you will sign the waiver at the beginning of your first ride.

Step 4 - Be Approved

All members are required to create their own "Member Account" on the CVCC website. After we receive your application, waiver, and member fee, we will then approve your CVCC membership. Approval may take a few days depending on Steps 1-3. 

Step 5 - Welcome Packet

Once you are approved, you will receive an email and a Welcome Packet with information and instructions on how to use the forum, sign up for events, & how to receive your CVCC club jersey (black and red) or race jersey (blue, green, black).

Step 6 - Participate

​Instructional videos on how to use the website are located here in our Google Drive. 

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