Our Riding Route Characteristics 

As a service to its members, Chilkoot Velo has created multiple maps of "Suggested Rides" that we hope may become known to at least our regulars, having some of the following benefits:


Our routes are various lengths.
- Short Rides (10-25 miles)
- Medium Rides (25-50 miles)
- Long Rides (50-75 miles)
- Century Rides (100+ miles)


Our riders/rides average from 10 mph to 20 mph, with 15-18 mph typically the norm. Slower and faster riders often head out in the same direction, typically for a tail-wind return, on the same day for possible fall-back strategy for anyone with mechanical issues.


Ride routes and maps are available to CVCC members and can be accessed and downloaded to personal map devices in the MEMBERS area of the website.


Example Route Map

Below is an example of one of our Tuesday Night ride routes. This route is approximately 33 miles. By using Ride With GPS, we are able to create routes that you can send to your personal iPhone, Android, Garmin Edge, or another device. They also provide options to print a PDF of the route.

tuesday night rides (example2).JPG

Our Club's Riding Guidelines

Represent the club well in the community by abiding by our safety guidelines.

Play Defensive

Watch that you don't overlap wheels, and ride defensively.


Assume the car does NOT see you.

Ride Right

Stay in the shoulder or as far to the right as possible.


Fully stop at stop signs. Two abreast max!

Single File

Go to single file when someone yells "Car Back!" if you can merge safely.