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Club Sponsor

Regular Weekend Ride Start/End Location, Club Board meeting venue & Fat Bike Rally mechanical support

Nestled within a storied Stillwater landmark, this cycling sanctuary boasts a rich heritage and a commitment to modern excellence. Step into their full-service bike shop and let their seasoned team guide you towards the perfect ride. With a meticulous focus on customer satisfaction, they tailor each experience to ensure it’s not just a bike, but a companion for your journey.

Members receive a discount on select merchandise.

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Club Sponsor

New for 2024! 

The Feed is a group of athletes dedicated to optimizing performance through smarter nutrition. As a club sponsor, they provide members with $80 in annual store credit to spend at The Feed (it’s not just nutrition - there’s tons of gear too!), distributed in $20 increments every 90 days. Additionally, members enjoy exclusive 20% off sales in June and October. Their commitment extends beyond discounts, offering free 1:1 coaching to help athletes refine their fueling strategies. Athletes can reach out to the Feed coaching team directly at for personalized assistance and guidance.

*Credit codes will be distributed directly to members

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Club Sponsor

Fluid Health & Fitness addresses the cumulative effects of repetitive motion injuries by providing a unique movement management system that teaches optimal kinesiology. By focusing on understanding the mechanics of the body and empowering individuals with knowledge and agency, they aim to break long-term patterns of injury and dysfunction. Through a methodology rooted in principles of mechanics and anatomy, they offer personalized exercise programming to restore balance, prevent injury, and improve overall quality of life.

Members receive complimentary 90-minute annual biomechanical screening; then 25% discount off their typical pricing.



Club Sponsor

Dedicated to maximizing athlete success, Premier Training Systems is your go-to partner for personalized coaching. Led by experienced coach and long-time club member Lev Kalemkarian, their programs cater to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. With a focus on individualized training plans and the latest technology, they’re committed to making you faster and stronger on the road, gravel, or mountain bike. Join them and take your cycling performance to new heights!

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Club Sponsor

New for 2024!

Meet Glen Skelton, the cycling aficionado behind Cycle Fox and a seasoned member of our club. With a knack for bike fitting, Glen, a retired Mechanical Engineer, ensures top-notch comfort and performance at Chilkoot Cyclery since 2021. Certified as a FIST and advanced FIST bicycle fitter, he employs state-of-the-art tools like GURU fit bicycle and Retul biomarker system. With 40+ years of racing under his belt, including appearances at national championships and renowned events like Kona World Ironman, Glen brings unparalleled expertise to our cycling community.

Members receive a discount on Bike Fit services.



Club Sponsor

New for 2024! Seasonal Mountain Bike Ride Start/End Location. 

This independent coffee shop & roastery in downtown Lake Elmo, Minnesota, offers a cozy ambiance amidst historic buildings and tree-lined streets. It's a gathering place for all to enjoy freshly roasted coffee. Whether seeking a quiet corner or joining community events, this café fosters connections and memories against the backdrop of Lake Elmo's charm.



Club Sponsor

Thursday Night Ride Start/End Location. 

Community-focused destination brewery catering to craft beer enthusiasts and those seeking a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere. Their offerings include remarkable beer and house-made seltzer, making them a favorite spot for cyclists looking to unwind and socialize after a ride.

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Club Sponsor

New for 2024!

WI-based, Saturday Alternate Start/End Ride Location + Fall / Season End Celebration Venue.

Offering a relaxed atmosphere and scenic views of the St. Croix Valley, The Grounds at St. Croix National is the perfect gathering spot for cyclists and golfers alike. Indulge in wood-fired pizzas, classic American cuisine, creative cocktails, and craft beer while basking in the beauty of the sunset. Open year-round, it's the ultimate destination for post-ride drinks, casual lunches, and memorable experiences.



Club Sponsor

CM Woodworks specializes in creating custom architectural spaces, cabinetry, and furniture tailored to clients' lifestyles and preferences. Through collaborative conversations, they uncover clients' visions and design solutions that enhance functionality and aesthetics. With a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, they have been transforming homes in Minnesota since 1974, ensuring each space reflects the unique personalities and needs of its inhabitants with high-quality materials and personalized touches. Their dedication to understanding how clients utilize their spaces ensures a home that is not only beautiful but also functional and enduring.

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Club Sponsor

Discover Stillwater is a state-funded tourism organization committed to providing extensive insights into the historical significance and contemporary allure of Stillwater. Their mission revolves around offering comprehensive information and engaging experiences that highlight the city's rich past and present vibrancy. With a focus on uncovering hidden gems, scenic landscapes, and cultural treasures, Discover Stillwater invites visitors to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, showcasing the unique charm and character of this remarkable destination.

Provision of the $500/year Ride with GPS (Tourism version) smartphone navigation app, enabling free downloadable club ride routes.

Club Partners: Meet the Team
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