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We support multiple organizations around the Greater Stillwater Area.


Stillwater Area Scholastic Cycling Advocates (SASCA) a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of dedicated volunteers who share a lifetime love of bicycle riding, and who want to share that love with kids. One of our purposes is to support the Stillwater Area Schools Mountain Bike Team (MTB), a St. Croix Valley competitive co-ed riding program for students in 6th-12th grades. Kids learn mountain biking skills, develop teamwork and gain confidence, all the while engaging in an activity that will provide them a lifetime of fun and fitness.


The Robert and Wilma Burbach Bike Foundation was founded for the purpose of collecting recycled bicycles, refurbishing and redistributing them to kids and needy people of the world. The bikes we receive come from Recycling Centers, businesses and individuals in Anoka County and/or the Twin City Metro Area. Each bike is given away free of charge with safety and maintenance instructions and a helmet. The Foundation will purchase parts, service the bicycles and fund the expenses through fund raising and sponsors.


This summer program uses the bicycle as a literal and figurative vehicle for learning, exploration, fitness and goal setting. Beginning at age 9, Cimarron and Landfall youth can learn bicycle repair and join rides that range from 2 miles to a 3-day 100-mile camping trip. Personal efforts are rewarded with digital badges and program points that are exchanged for a bike or bike parts. We ride with a purpose, heading for destinations that include Dairy Queens, swimming pools, and regional parks, and expose youth to road, off-road and velodrome riding.

Orgs We Support: List
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